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This week is encore week on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast. We're counting down the top shows of Season 4 of the show. (Season 4 started in July and runs through December!) I'll keep this post updated as the shows are named!

The Top Episode of Season 4

20 Tech Tips to Shake Up Learning

Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning always has fantastic ideas to get us going with edtech. The number one show of 2018 is no exception. Teachers seem to love this episode just because what she shares is so helpful. Worth a listen or re-listen.

The #2 Episode of Season 4

Trade the Cow and Start the Year Well

This inspiring story from Will Rogers has resonated with many teachers this year. It surprised me that this has received so many lessons, but I'm glad it is helpful.

The #3 Episode of Season 8

5 Habits of Healthy Teachers

Jen Burdis, teacher and American Ninja Warrior competitor shares insight on how every teacher can be healthier.

The #4 Episode of Season 8

Math Success with No Textbook

Mandy Tolen talks about how she teaches math, engages students, and teaches to standards with NO TEXTBOOK.

The #5 Episode of Season 8

5 “Googley” Tech Tools to Get Kids Creating

Evan Mosier from Iowa teaches us some awesome Googley ideas to start a class with excitement and creativity.

Thank you for listening

We're up to episode 408 of the show (and 410 by the end of this week!)

Thank you to the amazing guests who have given us insight! Looking at the dashboard this morning and seeing more than 1.2 million downloads, I'm so grateful to all of you who listen and tell your friends about the show.

The star of the show is really this awesome profession and the common bond we share as we strive to be remarkable educators for our students. Your emails and tweets have pointed out so many of these awesome guests. The volume of incredible educators out there is overwhelming. Perhaps when people listen, they can realize just how awesome our profession truly is and how many selflessly dedicated professionals are out there who pursue the artisanship of teaching.

Behind the Curtain

Thank you to Kip, my husband (the producer), Dr. Lisa Durff (research assistant and schedule keeper extraordinaire) and Alan Lipton (awesome editor when we called upon him for work that had to be extra perfect!)

I have lots of encouragers including my friends Lisa Nielsen, Kasey Bell, and many others who have shared many of these shows and told people about them. I'm always grateful to be included in the educational community even though sometimes I just feel like a tired teacher who struggles to keep it all going.

We're finishing up the second year of this show. Counting the other shows I've worked with before, it is around 800+ podcast episodes. I'm grateful to the good Lord who has called me to this work and has held up my hands when they were very weary and an epic husband who is jack of all trades and master of many things — especially the lost art of encouragment and “knot snatching” when I need it.

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