7 Things to Consider As We Return to Learn This Fall

7 Things to Consider as We Return to Learn This Fall

As we prepare to learn this fall, we need to consider some teaching best practices. In this episode we cover quite a few topics: What the fall will look like (we think) How to plan for instruction How to differentiate online instruction Blended learning best practices How to support parents Using community resources to support […]

Back to School Twitter Chat Tuesday, July 28th – 8 pm EDT #Back2SchoolChat


As we prepare to go back to school, we need to share best practices and ideas for learning. The exchange of ideas and building of our Personal Learning Network (PLN) is part of our growth and learning. On Tuesday, July 28th at 8 pm EDT, I’ll be co-hosting a #Back2SchoolChat with Advancement Courses. Conversation topics […]

Practical Strategies for Flipping Our Classrooms this Fall

Kate Baker with Vicki Davis

Practical Strategies for Flipping Our Classroom this Fall

Blended learning and distance learning will be different this fall. Dig into flipping your classroom and how it looks when you teach effectively in an online classroom. How do you use video effectively? Listen to Kate Baker Talk about How We Can Flip Our Classrooms from a Distance   Listen to the show on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher […]

Courageous Conversations: Let’s Talk about Fighting Racism

with Dr. Andrea Dozier and Vicki Davis

Courageous Conversations: Let's Talk about Fighting Racism with Dr. Andrea Dozier and Vicki Davis

Today, the topic of racism has brought about discussions of not only organizational reform but also reform in our personal perceptions. Today, Dr. Andrea Dozier and I will talk about hope in the midst of understanding. We approach this topic with humility and sincerity and I hope as you listen to our perspectives of being […]

Learn How to Teach Online with This Free Course

Do you need help in learning how to teach online? Here’s a free 3-hour course, Launching Online Learning, to get you started. Advancement Courses is a sponsor of my blog and podcast. They also shared in the 10 Essential Online Learning Best Practices. (The webinar is available on-demand here.) Sponsored by Advancement Courses How to […]

42 Distance Learning and Inspiring Resources for Educators

inspiring resources for educators

Over the past months, many educators have been sharing resources, best practices, and more about distance learning. I’ve compiled many of the items from this blog, the podcast, and other places to share the hottest items in case you missed them. Summer Learning 20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer – a blog post […]

How We Began Online Learning Successfully

Reflections from the trenches

As we began distance learning, I started writing and reflecting. I wrote this piece back in March as this began and in the hustle and bustle, I didn’t publish it. I just forgot it was there. However, as I read this, I am inspired and coming full circle that we have more work to do […]

5 Ways to Help Kids Improve At Math

5 Ways to Help Kids Improve At Math

We can help children improve their math skills. Dr. Carrie Cutler is the author of “Math-Positive Mindsets: Growing a Child’s Mind without Losing Yours.” She shares tips to help parents and teachers help children improve at math. Additionally, she shares some things that hinder math learning and things we shouldn’t be saying to kids. Let’s […]

AI and Algorithms Can Be Biased… So What We Should Do About It?

AI and Algorithms Can Be Biased... So What We Should Do About It?

Artificial Intelligence sounds fantastic and far off, but it underlies so many things we do today. Today I talk with Jason Thacker, author of The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity about AI and ethics. He tries to explain what it is, what it does, and why we should be concerned […]

What’s Hot About YouTube in Education

What’s Hot About YouTube in Education

Tyler Daniel Tarver shares some surprising new ways to use Youtube in education. Now YouTube in the class can be a good thing! Sponsor: Welcome TGR Foundation and Discovery Education as a sponsor to my podcast. For nearly 25 years, the TGR Foundation, a Tiger Woods Charity, visualized a world where opportunity is universal and […]