Overcome, Learn, and Excel at Engage 2021 on February4

Join me and other education innovators on February 4, 2021

Join me and other education leaders at the upcoming online conference Engage 2021 sponsored by Kognity. Many of your favorite speakers including George Couros, Eric Sheninger, Monica Burns, and David Geurin, and more will be sharing their expert tips with you. I’ll be sharing my 50+ ways to use technology in the classroom updated with […]

A Look Back at 2020 Teaching What It Means for 2021

Researcher Pamela Livingston Gaudet shares her findings

2020 teaching in review - 2021 research (1)

Yes, 2020 has been a year like no other, and today’s guest, Pamela Livingston Guadet, interviewed a wide variety of school tech directors to hear their stories of triage teaching during the COVID-19 emergency. Today, she shares their wisdom, including the positives, negatives, the things that shocked her, and what her research shows that everyone […]

Google Jamboard 2021 with Tom Mullaney

Episode 716

google jamboard hot tips with tom mullaney (1)

One of the most popular shows of 2018 was with Tom Mullaney on Google Jamboard so we’ve updated it for 2021! In this show, Tom shows us how teachers are using Google Jamboard, why it is so popular, and how you can use it to teach. Let’s Jam! Sponsor:  It’s a new year and time […]

How to Make Classroom Games with Easy, Awesome Educaplay

Sixteen types of games, Google Classroom and LMS compatibility and auto-grading

16 ways to make classroom games with educaplay

This week, I began using Educaplay to make fun classroom learning games for my students. In addition to easy game creation, sending the games to Google Classroom was easy, as was student work, automatic grading, and engagement. Many of us who have been teaching online need some variety. Presently, the site has many different types […]

Virtual Bulletin Boards: How School Counselors Connect with Kids Today

Episode 715 with Emma Tagariello

virtual bulletin boards

School counselors and teachers are working to creatively and authentically connect with students in both face to face, distance, and hybrid environments. Even in face to face, we’re still at a distance. School counselor Emma Tagariello is working to connect with her students using virtual bulletin boards and other technologies. In today’s show, she’s sharing […]

Learn How to Overcome Your Self Limiting Beliefs

Episode 714 of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

How to Overcome Your Self Limiting Beliefs episode 714

Sometimes our own beliefs can limit our ability in the classroom – these are called self-limiting beliefs. Today’s guest, Dr. Brandon Beck, helps us learn how to face our self-limiting beliefs, appreciate the positive things we have done, and move forward to a brighter future. Sponsor: Educaplay is inviting all educators to try their platform. […]

The Quick, Easy Way I Show Kids Thankfulness

Thanksgiving activity

Thankfulness is a way of life all year long. As a student, however, I think I caught what teachers taught by how they lived their lives. I want to be that person who models everlasting love and joy for every human being I get to know! So, today is such a day! On this day, […]

New Research on Student Engagement Best Practices

4 Elements that Influence the Depth of Student Learning

Engagement is such a challenge for schools—now more than ever. Lots of anecdotal evidence is floating around, but right now, we need answers for what produces strong student engagement. We can dig in and find that in some excellent research from the 2020 State of Engagement report. In this blog post, I’ll share my observations […]

How to Engage Students in Zoom and Teach Effectively at a Distance

Aaron Johnson shares the techniques to help us do it better

How to Engage Students in Zoom and Teach Effectively at a Distance

Aaron Johnson Shares His Way to Engage Students Even at a Distance Many of us are learning to traverse between online and in-person learning environments. Our guest Aaron Johnson, author of Online Teaching with Zoom, shares with us how to better engage students through Zoom, so we can all teach effectively at a distance. Sponsor: […]

Rather Stand

poem by Vicki Davis

Rather Stand by Vicki Davis I’d rather stand alone for the right thing … than be popular for the wrong one. I’d rather be wise than smart. I’d rather find a child’s strength than point out her weakness. I’d rather find a child crying than let him cry alone. I’d rather encourage a colleague with […]