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Keynotes, audience participation smackdowns, and spotlight sessions are all included here. While I'm always inventing and creating new presentations, this page is preserved for the best-of-the-best crowd pleasers that generate the most email and tweets. All of the keynotes and spotlights have been shared as webinars.


I give inspiring keynotes that are typically 45 – 90 minutes long.  (I would never go over 90 minutes and really, 90 minutes is a bit long, although I've done it. 😉

21st Century Influencer

Influencing technological change requires not only an understanding of technology and global collaboration but an understanding that the only person you can influence is YOURSELF. This presentation covers motivational principles and how to   incorporate a global cultural understanding and connectedness into your curriculum.

12 Habits of a Top 21st Century Teacher

Teaching can be toxic and the challenges of teaching today seem bigger than ever. But there are things that every teacher can do to improve their teaching tomorrow. It starts with changing what you can change: yourself. Learn what to change, how to change, and how to keep the mindset that keeps you in tip-top shape for your students and for living your life well.  (Have also tweaked and done as “12 Habits of a Top 21st Century EdTech Leader” if many principals and district leadership are in the audience.

Common Core in the Cloud

Common Core is the new emphasis everywhere you turn in education but how does it relate to the tools we're supposed to be using as a 21st-century teacher? Can I be a 21st-century teacher who uses Common Core and how? With highlights from her upcoming book Collaborative Writing in the Cloud and experience with successfully integrating technology in the classroom to reach all learners, join classroom teacher Vicki Davis for a high energy presentation helping you to fit common core and technology together to create a powerful 21st-century learning environment.

Spotlight Sessions

These are designed for 45 minute – 1-hour sessions

Technology Driven Differentiated Instruction

Learn how this award-winning teacher uses podcasts, digital movie-making, a YouTube channel, wikis, blogs, and other tools to involve all of the learning styles of her students and create repositories of information to document and demonstrate learning in her technology classroom. She will also share best practices from educators in other subject areas who are also using these tools to teach.

7 Steps to Flatten Your Classroom

(popular session based on my book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds)

Global collaboration is an essential part of a good education. You can get there one step at a time and find a network of teachers just like you to support and encourage you along the way. Learn how to integrate global collaboration and global competence into your classroom one step at a time. The ISTE Student standards require that you collaborate outside of your school, let's start the easy way.

Wonderful world of wikis

Wikis are powerful collaborative tools that allow you to capture the learning experience and coach every student to contribute. Move “group work” into the 21st century where you can work together and assess for individual contribution and performance. Learn the pedagogical uses of wikis in the classroom to find what will work for you. The 21st century student must collaborate! Learn how from the “Wikinator.” (As aptly named by her students.)

Blogging for a Better Classroom

With the emphasis on writing and common core standards, teachers can use blogging to engage their learners in peer review and inspire them to write. You can give your students an assignment but you can give them inspiration at the same time. Take writing in your classroom to the next level by blogging for a better classroom!
50 ways to improve your classroom with technology

50 Ways to Improve Your Classroom with Technology

Join award-winning edublogger Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher, for a high-energy presentation with 50 ways to improve your classroom NOW with Technology.

Common Core Writing in the Cloud

This is a more practical session with specifics using the model in my new collaborative writing book. it can be aligned with ISTE Nets, Common Core Examples or if you provide me your standards, I'll work to relate them for you.

Teaching effective writing requires a lot of proofing, editing, feedback, and revision. What if you could harness the power of students, peer review, and Web 2.0 tools to supercharge your writing? You can. In addition to the traditional writing taught in classrooms, a new form of writing is here. Collaborative writing is fundamentally different from traditional essay writing in that students should know how to create content, edit, and discuss to produce authentic, collaborative work. As a teacher who coordinates wikis where thousands of students edit and co-create, Vicki can show you how collaborative content creation looks and how it aligns with the Common Core State Standards.

Simple Online Presenting

Online presenting doesn't happen by accident. It is intentional and even audience members are a vital part of this learning ecosystem. There are a whole new set of challenges where you cannot see the faces of those you are talking to. Learn from this teacher who has connected thousands of students and presented online for hundreds of hours about how to make online presenting work for you and the skills you MUST teach students so they can master how to do this as well.

After Dinner Speaker or Civic Events

Typically an after dinner keynote runs about 20 minutes. Here's a presentation I've given that is very popular with business groups, Rotary Clubs, and Chamber of Commerce Banquets.

Tweet Success

We've entered the age of the influencer. Do you know how to help your business, nonprofit organization or school be successful in this new age? Social media will increase the impact of what you're doing already, but do you know where to start? Enjoy this 20-minute crowd-pleasing presentation to look back at where we've been, where we're heading, and what you need to do now to be successful.

Crowd Pleasing Audience Participation Sessions

Web 2.0 Smackdown

In this facilitated session, the audience is encouraged to speed share. Led by one of the original creators of the Smackdown approach at ISTE 2008, Vicki will have your audience enjoying themselves and learning at the same time. (This has been done at a breakfast with pancakes and billed as a Super Technology Flapjack Smackdown but it can be billed anyway.)

Web 2 Kung Fu

This audience participation warm up has been done successfully with up to 300 participants. After completion of the rounds, each person will have shared and learned from 10 other teacher participants in the room. This takes approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour and was first invented in Beijing in 2010 by Vicki and some coplanners of a conference there.

Tips for minimizing teacher stress

  • Discover 10 stress-busting secrets for healthy teachers. What simple routines will help you handle the stress?
  • Simple advice for coping with stress at work.
  • Learn tips to help you deal with difficult colleagues and students (even those who "hate" you -- yes it is possible!)
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