FREE: “10 Habits of Bloggers that Win”

How to write great blog posts that motivate readers to engage and share your work

Ten simple habits have helped me grow this blog. Blogging can change your life (like it has mine) and the life of your students. But blogging is a new form of writing. How do you do it?

Blogging is not hard, but there are a few simple tips that make a big difference.

So, you're not good at finding typos? You don't know what to write? How do  you pick graphics? How do you get people to come to your blog? How do you motivate them to share?

I'd like to share these secrets with you. “10 Habits of Bloggers that Win” will help you learn:

  • Ten essential tips every blogger should know.
  • Essential tools that will save you time, make you a better writer, and help your posts become more readable.
  • An essential tip for how you hyperlink. (You may be sending people away from your site unintentionally.)
  • How to write a compelling title that makes people want to read your post.
  • Secrets for making your website faster and easier to find online.
  • Why begging people to share your stuff is not always the best way to get people to share your work on social media and what to do instead.
  • One thing that gets blog posts 94% more views than when it is left out (and 9 tools to help you create them.)
  • The secret page you should customize that is usually forgotten.
  • My favorite articles on social media and blogging.
  • Learn secrets most bloggers will never know about their old blog posts that can bring them new life.
  • The most important thing you'll write. Without this one line, nothing you write will get read. (Most people make this mistake.)

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Remember, this is for a limited time. When I get enough readers and feedback coming in and start revising, I'll move on and share another freebie. Don't worry, I'll always share the freebies with those on my email list.

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23 thoughts on “FREE: “10 Habits of Bloggers that Win”

  1. Thank you for the book. I am currently teaching an evening course at a business school. My typical student is coming back to education years after leaving high school.
    Although the name of the course is Environmental Science, I believe the real point of the course is to have the students learn writing and communication skills. Many of my students have poor writing skills. The first five point of your book are good advice for all kinds of communication and not just for blogging. If they are writing papers or creating power points, they still need to have a usable method with simple rules to guide their efforts. Thanks again for sharing these concepts.

  2. Have been out of teaching for a few years. Now going back to teach 8th grade language arts…..need to learn as much as I can about the “new” ways of writing and communicating!!

  3. Thanks for the offer of your free book, ’10 Habits of Bloggers That Win’. Unfortunately I could not download it as it kept going back to the original page. Please help!

  4. Really looking forward to reading “10 Habits of Bloggers that Win” – I just started a blog for teachers called – to help teachers deal with classroom stress and provide them with resources to engage students. So happy to find your website – I am inspired!