Tablets and Toddlers: How Much is Too Much?

Toddlers are engrossed in Ipads as butterflies land on their shoulders unnoticed. Parents are texting as their tots engage with tablets. Is this healthy?  Patti Wollman Summers, a 30 year educator with experience in early childhood education, discusses appropriate uses of digital applications for toddlers during this episode of Every Classroom Matters. Patti shares important 6 important recommendations for parents and kindergarten teachers from her new book Toddlers on Technology: A Parents' Guide.

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Listen to Patti Wollman Summers' Advice for Parents

Show Notes from Patti Wollman Summers – Show #55 – Tablets and Toddlers: Touch Screens, Picking Apps for Young Kids and Setting Limits 

Patti Wollman Summers discusses using digital devices with toddlers safely.  She cautions parents to use iPads, Smartphones, and tablets wisely.  Toddlers are able to use these technological devices with parental guidance.  She co-authored Toddlers on Technology: A Parents' Guide where she relates a story where she observed two toddlers totally engaged in using iPads.

She uses “DigiTods” to describe the toddlers of the 21st century who are able to successfully navigate technological tools. She feels all children can use digital devices, using age appropriate apps and for a limited times.  She recommends limiting use to 15 minutes at a time and not before bedtime.  She gives six recommendations for parents.

She feels DigiTods do not need task timers in their apps and ask parents to preview all apps before allowing their children to use them. She recommends staying with age appropriate tasks and sit with the toddler the first time the child uses the app.  She recommends “The Wheels on the Bus” app, the “It’s a Small World after all” app and the “Kids Tapping Zoo” app.

Listen to Patti Wollman Summers talk about Digitods and her advice for parents.

Listen to Patti Wollman Summers' Advice for Parents

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