The Every Classroom Matters Show and a tutorial on how to subscribe using iCatcher #edchat

Every classroom is important. If teaching is happening, it needs to be talked about. When the people at BAM Radio talked to me about having a show where I could talk to all of my friends and acquaintances in education about their classrooms, I jumped.

This is my passion: teachers and encouraging teachers.
So, I'm excited to announce Every Classroom Matters on BAM Radio. Two to three times per month, we'll release a show where I talk to educators from Kindergarten to College, elearning to face to face. 
Upcoming shows will be talking about STEM Education in Elementary Schools and how much elementary students can collaborate globally. So, if you want to get them when they are released, you'll want to subscribe.

How do I subscribe?

You don't need to have an ipod even though it is called, technically, a “podcast.” Really, this is an online “show” and you can have it sent to your mobile phone or computer directly when a new one is released.
1 – If you click on the iTunes link, it will let you subscribe to it on iTunes.
2 – You can use the link and type it into iCatcher or Downcast (See below).
3 – You can use the link to the page and paste it into the subscribe button in Google reader.

How can I nominate someone to be on the show?

I've made a form for show suggestions. Please, if you're interested, take the time to suggest someone (even yourself). Remember that audio is different – people who have passion in their voice and are fun to talk to do well in this medium.
Will you take the time to suggest a cool person or group of people? [Nominate someone now]

The first show topic: What is a MOOC? Why does it Matter?

Thanks to Dr. Lee Graham and Colin Osterhout for being the first guests on the show to talk about the #diffimooc (see Dr. Graham's article “#Diffimooc launches next week.”) I really wanted to understand what it is like to run a MOOC and also what it is like to be a student (Colin) who is also a co-teacher – something unique to MOOCs. How can you have a MOOC that is free and paid? What does it look like?

Subscribing to this (or any show) using iCatcher

iCatcher is my favorite podcatching app, but I've often heard the people from TWIT TV praise Downcast. I used iCatcher to search for and find the podcast and you can too.
1- I type in the name on the homescreen of iCatcher and it says “Tap to add subscriptions” and tap it.
2 – Click “Find new podcasts” (you could paste in the URL if you had it – or type it as shown below, but we're doing it the easy way.)

 3 – Type in the name of the show: in this case “every classroom matters” – some of my favorites include “Simple Life Habits,” “This is Your Life” from Michael Hyatt,  “This Week in Tech” from the TWIT networkiPad today” from TWIT and the Lifehacker podcast as well as “A Maxwell Minute“. I'm now listening to several of the podcasts on BAM Radio but would hesitate to list a favorite.

Type it. Find it. Click it.

 4 – Click “Subscribe”

5 – Click on Playlists and set up lists for driving and washing dishes. It just saves a lot of time. Then, ever morning as I get dressed, I listen to the podcasts on the show. I have a playlist for a 5 minute listen (comprised of 5 different 1 minute podcasts) and those for longer times when I have 13 loads of laundry to do or am washing dishes.
I hope this helps and hope you'll take time to listen and support my new project. I haven't been able to travel as much, so I guess this is my way of getting out.
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