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Here's how you can subscribe to the show. Every Classroom Matters is a show for the busy educator. Just 10-12 minutes with some of the best teachers discussing practical classroom matters and positive stories that will encourage the 21st century teacher.

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I suggest that you use a podcast app on your Smartphone or tablet device. I use iCatcher (see my tutorial) but Downcast is another good one. iTunes has a new Podcast app that you can use, but it still isn't as good as these two, in my opinion.

These apps make finding and listening to podcasts much simpler. When you start the app, it will automatically get a copy of the new show. I use iCatcher to make play lists for driving in the car full of current shows.

If you want to ask me a question or nominate a topic (or interesting person) for the show, visit my nomination form. I will update this page frequently, but the most up to date list of shows will always be found on the BAM Radio Site for Every Classroom Matters.

I link to the show notes for each show. When I write a blog post, I'll replace the link from BAM to my extended notes for the show here on this blog.

If you click the link below and want to listen to the show in your web browser, the show is best listened to in Internet Explorer. (It is about the only thing I still do in IE myself but most podcasts work better there.)

It is exciting to think I can run home after a day of school and record these to share with the world. If you like the show, a recommendation or rating on iTunes helps others find the show. Thank you.

Past Every Classroom Matters Shows

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