How I #WorkWonders With Office Mix and PowerPoint

The #WorkWonders contest is in high gear. As a result, people are sharing how they #WorkWonders using Microsoft Office by posting pictures on Twitter and Instagram. (This morning's post gives contest info.)

Office Mix website

Since I'm asking you to share how you #WorkWonders, I'm going to share one way I #WorkWonders using Microsoft PowerPoint and the new (free) Office Mix Plug-in.

To do this, all you need to do is have PowerPoint 2013 and download the Office Mix Plug In from their website.

How I #WorkWonders With Office Mix: The Best Screencasting Tool Ever

This year I've used screencasts to create lessons as my students learn how to use Microsoft Office in sophia. They learn online and I travel the room and help them face to face. While it uses the flipped classroom techniques,this isn't flipping because students are using the screencasts in class. Think of it like team teaching with myself – an online me and a face to face me.

My Surface Pro and Office Mix Setup

To #workwonders with Office Mix, I used my Surface Pro (v1) with keyboard, a Wacomm Bamboo stylus , a Microsoft Wedge touch mouse and my Blue Snowball USB mic to get good sound. No cat required to do this.

Because it is so easy, Office Mix is changing everything about how I screencast. Just click the Office Mix Plug in inside PowerPoint and record the video slide by slide. It lets you do screencasting, embed videos, write on the screen and will record webcam. To see how Office Mix works, watch  the book trailer I made with it.

PowerPoint is natural fit for me this week when I needed to create my booktrailer for my recently launched Reinventing Writing Book. I used my PowerPoint slides I already had with Office Mix plug-in on my Surface Tablet to #WorkWonders. ( Although I have a fancy mic in my setup in the picture, the mic inside the Surface Pro would be just fine.) Because the app is so great, I would be sharing about Office Mix whether I ran this contest or not. Office Mix is that good.

Watch the Book Trailer on the Office Mix Site or Download It

How Do You #WorkWonders? Enter and win a Surface 2.

How do you #WorkWonders with Microsoft Office? Quickly grab your phone or take a screenshot of something you've created in Microsoft Office and send it to me via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #WorkWonders #contest . See yesterday's post for more about the contest and judging.

Learn More About the #WorkWonders Contest

When the contest is over next Monday, the winner gets their own Surface 2. (As can be seen in my video, if you don't have a touch screen to use with Office Mix, you'll want one.) Do something awesome with Office – no matter how big or small, #WorkWonders and share it now.

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