Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 03/08/2012

  • danah boyd | apophenia » Born This Way Foundation: guided by research

    Five research papers about bullying and bullying prevention programs authored by some of the best in the business. This is in support of Lady Gaga's new “research based” foundation to promote grassroots student action to help students improve relations to each other.

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  • Educational Videos and Games for Kids about Science, Math, Social Studies and English

    Great new website NeoK12 with tons of videos, quizzes and puzzles. There is a lot here, especially for science teachers.

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    • The new iPad vs. iPad 2: what's changed? — Engadget

      Side by side comparison of iPad 2 and new iPad. Retina display, 5mp camera. But the biggest news for schools may be the iPad 2. Now at $399 it becomes a viable 1:1 option for a lot of us.

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    • Awareness is Overrated | Not For Sale Fellowship Blog

      Awareness is not enough. It isn't enough to be AWARE of 21st century literacies but it also isn't enough to just be aware of human trafficking. great post

      “Often, when people talk about ending human trafficking, they are trying to raise awareness. Many non-profits are organizing ‘awareness campaigns’ to spread the word that slavery still exists. I agree that it is a good place to start, but it is by no means the solution. Every person on this planet could be aware of slavery and it will still exist. It is time for knowledge to become overrated and action to become necessary.”

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    • Media publishers finally fight Apple’s evil subscription empire | VentureBeat

      I find this is ironic that the publishers are calling Apple the “evil empire.” And so it begins the echoes of a complete publishing industry turnover. Like the music industry ten years a go, great opportunity is born out of great turmoil. Futures of whole companies and industries will be decided in the next year.

      “I humbly implore all media companies who read this — downtrodden newspaper editors, heads of publishing houses, and CEOs of media businesses: don’t listen to Apple, Google, or Yahoo. Join the Rebellion. Help us save journalism.

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    • Top Online School, James Madison High School, Implements Common Core Standards – Times Union

      This from PR Web

      James Madison High School, a leading online high school, has proven to be an early adopter among the more than 130,000 primary and secondary schools across the United States. The accredited online high school is one of the first schools to implement The Common Core State Standards.”

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    • Live From SXSWedu: A Closer Look at Pearson's E-Textbooks – Marketplace K-12 – Education Week

      The conversation around etextbooks is heating up with this conversation from edweek. Where there is money, expect controversy. 

      “The aforementioned U.S. Secretary announced plans to have digital textbooks in every classroom. But it must be questioned whether those digital textbooks actually transform learning for the better, or if they are simply digital re-creations of print textbooks—a mere form of spinal relief.

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    • Fighting Back, One Brothel Raid at a Time – NYTimes.com

      I follow @somalymom on Twitter. She is a modern day hero. See what she's doing in this essay. Many of us educators are becoming part of an increasing tide of people speaking out, donating money, donating tweets, and doing whatever it takes to bring attention to humantrafficking. They call us the 21st century abolitionist movement. This article says that some thing it is glamorous. It isn't. No one wants to talk about it. Others deny it. Others say I'm lying. I'm shocked how many people are skeptical or even offended when I bring it up. Just think, if even one person can become freed because of your donation or tweet, is it worth it? I think so.

      Global Nomads has a free webinar for high school students on 3/8/2012.

      From the essay.
      “AGAINST my better judgment, I found myself the other day charging into a well-armed brothel in a police raid. But I was comforted to be with one of my heroes, Somaly Mam.

      Somaly dedicates her life to battling forced prostitution, for she herself was sold as a child to a Cambodian brothel. After enduring torture and rapes, Somaly escaped and reinvented herself as an anti-trafficking activist.

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      • “We all know that our lives are in danger,” she says, a little too cavalierly. “I’ve never been so happy in my life. They can kill me now.”
      • When Somaly refused to back off, she said the traffickers kidnapped her 14-year-old daughter and gang-raped the girl with a video camera rolling. The daughter was recovered in a brothel, and Somaly blames herself. It’s a credit to the courage of mother and daughter that they remain steadfast, upbeat and close, and determined to make a difference. These days, Somaly is very careful with that daughter and her other children.
      • Slowly, that is happening. I can see the progress here in Cambodia, where 10-year-old girls were openly for sale when I began reporting on forced prostitution. Now they’re still sold, but fewer of them, and more discreetly — and traffickers are going to jail. There may well be prostitution a century from now, but we don’t have to accept 12-year-olds being raped until they get AIDS.
      • In the 19th century, the world conquered traditional slavery. And in this century, with leaders like Somaly, we can emancipate the victims of human trafficking.

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