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Doug Johnson – Ebooks, Elearning, E-Gads!
Handouts are at — presentations workshops and handouts. Everything is available there.
Airplanes were of no military value — beginning of the 20th century.
Decc Rejecting the Beatles.
Who want to hear actors talk — Warner Brothers.
Bill gates — who would need more than 640K of ram.

The practical e-book is just around the corner, Doug says.
Wants to convince us that we need e-books.
Books and libraries have evolved — digital publishing;
What will be the role of the librarian when you don't have paper books on th shelf.

Notes on Doug's presentation — Having a preso that runs in the beginning w/ funny things on it. Embedded movies that play in the powerpoint.

Showed teh book video where a person learned to use a book versus a scroll. Great video about this. A book is a kind of technology. Some things that they don't like about books right now. Think about some things we don't like about a book. Lots of kids raise hands to talk about book but can't talk about them. et pages dirty, etc. Don't return them and no one else gets them. Take up space.

What he'd like in his ebook:
size of a regular trade paperback
Padded 6×9
Watch battery or solar
Static memory digital paper
Eyes get tired of reading on the screen
Librie Polymer Vision Plastic Logic — Digital paper — look at that —
CRT Screens and cathode ray tubes — you're tired b/c of the refresh rate.
You can read ebooks ready pdf's blog feeds — mp3's. Some school sare starting to check out e-books now. amazon kindle.

Look at the resolution — crt 96 dpi, Fax 200 dpi, Printers 600 dpi magazine 2460 dpi
Digital paper — starting to use in advertisements.

Doug's e-book of 2015 — left side softly glowing glare free screen. Landsape or portrait — don't need a light. Changeable font and dize. Dictionary. Translation. Changeable font size.

Keyboard, trackpad, styles, speader, headphone, headphones. Every device has to have a camera built into it.
2015 – color graphics, video, text to speech, audio books. Download voices like we download fonts.
Talking books have been moving — — listen to them, very handy.
Allow annotating searching bookmarking, doodling in the margin, add electronic sticky notes, search full text and noes; Massive internatal storage device. 50 pages — subtract your age from 100 — read up to another page.

Now we have no out of print. Things in digital format have almost no cost whatsoever. Nothing goes out of print. The ebook os 2015. You can change names, maturity levels, interative puzle, marragie of games and novels.

Different versions of the book. We're starting to see more interactive books. A merger of games and fiction.
Network books are available now — putting blogs e-mails RSS — he is reading war and peace in 277 e-amils. pulse — it lets you read books daily by rss or e-mail. PUlse is being published in serial format. The mosfamous serial novelist was Charles Darwin. if:book blog — has interesting things to say about what will happen to fiction.

E-backpack — notes, papers, study materials, ebackpac, cutomized textbooks, eportfolio, eorganizer, ewallet ecommunicator, interactive learning programs, productivity software — keep copies of that. It could be an eorganizer and ewallet. Learning productivity software built in there too.

How will I afford e-books.
One laptop per child. The green machine delivered to Doug. Wireless, they create their own network. .
Edward deBono's suggestion.

If all students had an ebook..
What's good?+ What's bad? – What's interesting? ?

Why will we have physical schools?
We are charged w/ socializing them an containing them. (cheap childcare 😉
Libraries can house technical staff, production labs, infrastructure. Need machines that can do more. We need those — we need libraries for them and the servers.

Physical library has to be a place where teachers and kids want to be: Look at barnes and nobles and borders for ideas.
Comfortable chairs, a pleasant ambaince, friendly, lowstress stafe forgiving atomphere, capucino machines?

We could pick up some ideas there. Places of active learning. F2F interaction places for stortelling, puppetry, live debates, demonstration, interpersonal collaborative skills — does your library have a stage. A comfortable place. The old quiet library's days are numbered.

This needs to become that way because of the librarian not despite the librarian.

The librarian will be selecting commercial digital materials, collection of digital materials, curriculum specific materials. Budget, acquire and track licenses. Librarian promote and teach the use of digital materaisl.

hybrid leavning environment
Creating websites and webquests, assisting teachers build individualized etextbooks, experts in childrends an dyoung adult materials.
Think eisenbergs CIO function.

Technologists do the selection of not just library materials but library programs. Librarians must build and redefine their roles (we've done it before) and we're excited and optomistic.
A couple of things she's observed.

How do things handle these three things: a rainy day, tangled christmas tree lights, lost luggage.

I can have pains but I don't have to be one.

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