What Are Teachers’ Rights and Risks on Social Media?

Scott McLeod talks with Vicki Davis about teacher’s rights and legal issues to consider when using social media. In this episode of Every Classroom Matters, Scott reminds us educators should be aware that  teachers are representatives of their employers and legally do not have a right to privacy even in their lives outside of school. If this sounds extreme, take a listen so you can understand the legal aspects of a teachers using social media.

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Scott McLeod – Show #66 – Teachers’ Rights and Risks on Social Media

Scott McLeod reminds us — legally educators have limited free speech when they are employed by public schools. Educators who work for public schools are always representatives of the public schools and can be held responsible for anything they say or do either at work or outside the school environment. (This can apply to any teachers at any school depending upon your contract, however.)

Teachers can still feel empowered. Be cautious with words and actions within the social environment and community. Online anonymity is an illusion. US courts set the precedent that public school teachers do not have the same speech rights other people enjoy. Scott prompts us to always be thoughtful in all our words and actions.

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Show notes prepared by Lisa Durff, Production Coordinator for Every Classroom Matters.

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