Live Blogging! A Bonk on the Side of the Head: Curis Bonk, Indiana University

Live blogging Curtis Bonk's presentation from Indiana State University at the Georgia Association of Educators Technology Conference.

We all learn — 10 forces that opened the learning world. World is being made life long. Web 2.0 is a symbol of that participation.

His slides are available at

He mentions alternative reality learning and real time mobility. Personal Learning Networks.

Take the 10 trends and index them.
1) Pipings/ Infrastructure
2) Content — OER – Open Education Resources — free content available to anyone in the world. Open access and collaboration. Multitasking. Global sharing.

He went to other places and 10 years a go they said “We don't share here.” But now things have changed and they do share now.
3) culture that is accepting of this new concept of sharing information.

We're at that juncture where it is changing and that is what makes being an educator exciting. You can teach anyone anywhere in the world.

Free access to Shakespeares' works and everything else. The search is on. He has a link to Jeff Han on Ted Talks. How will we take advantage of that?

The owner of google would like a chip in your brain. (? I haven't heard that before.) That is the dream he has. (I have a student doing a video on google brain.)

Open Content Alliance is trying to index and scan in all books. The wayback machine allows you to go back in time and look at the older things in time.

The tide has changed. Taking online classes. (note with online classes — I'm finding that many of them are text only classes and am not happy w/ how they are doing.)

Technology in K12 — Broadband access is less of a barrier.

Julie Young FLVS — Georgia Virtual School — Utah 50,000 electronic students. Ohio is doing a lot of online learning as well. Hawaii, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

3) The availablility of “Free stuff” the FOSS movement (Free and open source software).
Apache, Moodle, etc. Free tools for course management. Free MIT courseware. educommons platform — several organizations — National University of Vietnam — the 2nd university to go online — put everything online.

Moodle — hundreds of thousands of people who moodle. Course management system (I keep wondering if I should set this up for us at our school.)

4. Leveraged resources and open content. Tufts university has put their coursework online. (I have to wonder if overchoice will come into play here — when will universities start using one another's materials? Or do we have to all create it?)

Oops — Opensource Opencourse Prototype System.

Talking about Foundation of Fantasy, Lucifer — made millions translating Lord of the Rings into Chinese. Largest volunteer translation network in the world — translating the MIT courses. They translate as best as they can.

Has an article coming out next week — the culture of the translation process.

Open Learning Object Repositories, sharing content across courses. Content online that is reusable, accessible, maintainable.
Free video lectures. No mans land? In itunes indexing lectures Government indexing portals.

Merlot — higher ed — Multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching — resource. 20,000 free contents for many topics for anyone to use — over 40,000 are using it. In 2007 people are sharing. It is peer reviewed. (Cool — I've seen it before but didn't realize it was peer reviewed.)

GELCL – Global education and learning community – curriki — talked about that. Scott McNeely from Sun Microsystems.

Where is Matt — the name of the video — geography –(the videos are called — Where the hell is Matt? and are on youtube — Matt Harding — I doubt the filters will let it through).

Talked about teachertube.

African School Dream in CurrentTV. Computer programming who wants to be in film. Wikis and wiki books — write wikibooks online. Errors are typically changed w/ in 5-10 minutes.

7. Electronic Collaboration and Interaction — Collaborate or Die.
Groove comes free with XP — I don't know anything abut that.
Collanos, SharePoint, Breeze — Adobe Connect Pro.

Language Learning – Skype, Google Talk, Chinesepod, LiveMocha, VoiceThread, YackPack, Dotsub, Mixxer, Chinswing, other collaborative language learning. — creating conversations. Talking back and forth.

8. Alternative reality learning

9. Mobile
Notes are getting sparse b/c I'm chatting w/ Bernie Dodge, Jennifer Maddrell, Alan Levine in the ustream.

10. Networks of personalized learning.
Chinese Pod learning Mandarin
Facebook account. He has 50 friends now in Facebook.

He is creating wiki books that peoplare downloading.

Michael Resch – Web 2.0 — showing the video.

Ustream Transcript of Chat:
15:34:43] : Hi everyone. This is Vick in the backchannel.
[15:34:57] : Let me know where you're from guys if you can log in.
[15:35:02] : ;-)
[15:35:20] : for his archived talked
[15:43:06] : Hello Bernie. Welcome.
[15:43:18] : tnx
[15:43:31] : This is Curtis Bonk, Indiana State University at the Georgia Association of Technology Educators Conference
[15:43:41] : The presentation is “Empowering Models and Ideas for Teaching Online Presenters.
[15:43:48] : How is the volume?
[15:43:58] : Cool. I know Curt. The man never sleeps.
[15:44:10] : Sound is boomy and has an echo.
[15:44:15] : I'll tell him you said hello. He gave me permission to record.
[15:44:23] : I think that is the mike. It is boomy in here.
[15:44:25] : ;-)
[15:44:32] : Wish it was thunder.
[15:44:58] : Just ask your governor to pray some more.
[15:45:09] : I am doing enough praying for him. ;-)
[15:59:13] : yo Bernie!
[15:59:51] : T-Mobile, free? huh?
[16:00:25] : Hey Alan!
[16:00:36] : The online free calling via VOIP thing that someone talked about this morning.
[16:00:43] : oh
[16:00:50] : Call free anywhere in the world — I think it will go over VOIP or something.
[16:00:57] : Or is it virgin mobile.
[16:00:58] : ?
[16:00:59] : niiiiice
[16:01:10] : I've never hear dof chinswing
[16:01:13] :
[16:01:58] : Have y'all ever seen chinswing?
[16:02:04] : Vicki … Please tell Curt that his student, Jennifer Maddrell, is watching him!
[16:02:28] : OK, I will in just a moment! Hi Jennifer.
[16:02:38] : I hope my battery holds up to this! ;-)
[16:02:48] : us too!
[16:02:49] : I think it will.
[16:03:15] : We are also ustreaming from Alex and Arvinds Conference!
[16:03:19] : I'm live blogging my notes too — my webcam is propped up on a chair underneath him — he has no idea that your'e there.
[16:03:33] : Yes! I knew that they were doing that too. I'm going to have to catch those l8r.
[16:03:44] : This is so funny!
[16:04:00] : I'm multitasking here. I might be making him paranoid!
[16:04:01] : too bad we cannot make noise back!
[16:04:13] : You can always post a video response.
[16:04:30] : me want live
[16:04:32] : Bonk is all about multi-tasking!
[16:04:32] : I'm laughing guys — he's going to get paranoid. He has no idea that he has hecklers here.
[16:05:25] : Ditch the red tie!
[16:05:48] : gonged!
[16:06:06] :
[16:06:08] : Late to the party, Vicki, where are you?
[16:06:19] : I am at the Georgia Educators Technology Conference – GAETC.
[16:06:40] : My students presented flat classroom all day and actually did the presentations — I interviewed them and archived them on ustream before this one.
[16:06:50] : I am so glad I got to catch him here before he leaves.
[16:06:55] : I had him on my “list.”
[16:07:01] : I've heard great things about him.
[16:07:15] : What is this flicker thing?
[16:07:21] : :-)
[16:07:25] : Curt was my first prof. at IU and he just wrote my PhD letter of recommendation!
[16:07:37] : I saw him a few years ago at Mesa CC
[16:07:38] : He seems really cool.
[16:07:55] : yay Vicki!
[16:08:04] : Flat Classroom rocks!
[16:08:14] : bundle of energy, that is for sure!
[16:08:25] : He has had a LOT Of presos today, he said he is really tired.
[16:08:45] : I'm not following his numbering though — each slide has different numbers ;-)
[16:08:47] : Wished I sounded that smooth when tired
[16:08:51] : 7 8 1 10
[16:08:58] : The Numbers!
[16:09:02] : But he is summarzing his 3 presentations that he's already done.
[16:09:06] : learning is “messy” :)
[16:09:18] : 4 8 15 16 23 42
[16:10:41] : I like how he's launching the videos inside his powerpoint and it is doing it very smoothly — I can't get it to work properly.
[16:10:52] : I need to test that.

Talked about R2D2 — Read to Do to
Common experience and wrap activities around it.
They can show and demonstrate things to the instructor. Get respect and prestige from what they are finding. They love sharing what they've found. Screen what they've found ahead of time.

3. Library Day-
Blog — Online resource Library (ORL) — every student has a weblink where they post the extra readings that they are doing. He assigns a book and lets them pick 20 articles. They pick their own. They have a critical friend that gives them feedback on their readings. He assigns critical friends.

4. Problem based learning (PBL) —

Let judges evaluate. Do contests.

He has on a Borg hat. Cool.

1 Instructor Portal — anatomy 200,000 students used his website. Colonial williamsburg has podcasts up.
3. Electronic cameras and maps
History online

;-) OK, guys his numbers are all over the place b/c he's mashing up multiple presentations — I don't have time to edit the numbers guys — so you're getting this raw. Just watch the ustream video at the top!

Online science — kids as global scientists, the jason project.

Live Mocha — teach others to give or teach languages — free resource. presentations w/ expert reviews. Get lessons and classes. Wow!

Social networking for kids — social networking Club Penguin. (I don't like this site, I like Webkins.) Musical acoustics.

Music voices.
Motivational ideas — How can you motivate people.

TechVariety Motivation —
10 ideas for each level.

1. Tone climate – scavenger hunts, expectations, find friends in facebook,
autonomy and choice — clickers — innnovation is one click away.
Interactivity — simulations and games online. experiments.

Digital storytelling — The art of digital storytelling — educational uses of digital storytelling.

R2D2 method
Audio — Audio dramas. Online audio cases.
Reflective and observational learners — rflect, observe, view, and watch learning.
Teacher training — Ohio reading teachers trained through video. Indiana doing math and scienc eteaching using expert videos.
Visual learners — diagrams, pictures, films, demonstration
animations — video clips, pictures, web resources.
Wikibooks and junior wiki books.
Chapters and sections of this book being written.
Online surveys. — survey research — zoomerang — let kids check real world data and share it.

Matrix — R2D2 to the matrix. Ohio ipods for free to the teachers.

Use of weblogs. Wikis. Jimmy Wales dropped out of Indiana U to create wikipedia, wikicommons, wikiversity, wikibooks. Etc.

Education podcast network.

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