Edublogger08 Event Today: Asking You to Share How You would Improve Ed

Today very early for many of you, I will be participating in the Edublogger 08 Event.

The conversation that I will want to be a part of is in hearing what you think the “gauntlets” that need to be thrown down to improve education?

Now, I'm a classroom teacher and a private school teacher, at that.  Why do I care?

In the states – this is an election year.  Change in education is in the wind – again – and think tanks, experts, and politicians are all again looking for the things that need to be “done to” education.  I have so many friends who email and talk to me on a weekly basis about their heartaches and things that are driving them from teaching like a whip.  I think that teachers should offer up their thoughts to politicians and others about what we think needs to happen.  Oh, sure, there are organizations that are supposed to do that.  But what about teachers around the world, across practice, across grade level just talking about the things they would like to see happen in education.

I don't profess to know it all by any means, but saw this as an opportunity to start a conversation about the things that will truly improve education.  This is a bit of a departure for me, but I don't think taking the 30,000 foot view ever hurts and really, some of my thoughts have been running around in my brain since the first class I did for teachers over 12 years a go.

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EduBlogger 08 – Speakers, Topics & Timetable

Edubloggerevent08 We are proud to announce the speakers and the topics of this years eduBlogger event. We will publish the posts at the stated time and the speakers will be available to answer questions and discuss their arguments directly after their presentation (the conversation can of course continue over the next days).

Visit the SuperCool Blog for Times — I will be at 8 am EDT because I have a parent workday for the church youth group at 9 am and will be painting the stage by then!

Please note that presentation times are preliminary as some presenters have not confirmed. Also, Steli will probably also publish a post during one of the open slots 🙂 We will keep you posted!
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