Legends of Learning: The Game-Based Science Platform for Grades 3-8

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Students love to play games, and they also need real-world examples to help science come alive. With this in mind, Legends of Learning is a fantastic platform full of NGSS aligned science games that does both. Kids in grades 3-8 will love these science games. As shown below, game selection is easy for teachers. Just pick the Next Generation Science standard that you want to teach and choose from several options. For the purpose of teaching, science games are fun ways to engage students and reteach and review material! Sign up is free.

science games and game based science at Legends of Learning

Sponsored by Legends of Learning.
 legends of learning free science games

To demonstrate the power of effective game-based science learning, look at the research. For example, Vanderbilt University has recently found how this approach leads to a more engaging science classroom.

Popular Activities: NGSS Science Games for Grades 3-8

Here are some examples of popular topics and games:

For the purpose of seeing what fits in your classroom, check out the other standards by signing up for a free account. Understandably, right now is a perfect time to review the concepts you've been teaching all year.  In light of what I've shared about Legends of Learning, sign up and see what these NGSS aligned science games can do for your classroom.

Learning Objectives science games legends of learning ngss

Select the Standard and Start Playing (and Learning!)

In Legends of Learning, it is simple for teachers to select the standard and find games that they can add to student playlists. Signing up is free.

legends of learning free science games

Legends of Learning ngss science games

So, whether you teach elementary or middle school earth science, life science, or physical science, you’ll find fun, exciting games for your students to play and learn. Understandably, we teachers always need to find new ways of reinforcing and reviewing concepts. Legends of Learning is the solution I recommend for engaging kids and exciting them about the science concepts they’ve been learning all year.

Legends of Learning science games

legends of learning free science games

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