Use Tech Challenges to Motivate Teachers with Andrea Keller [ECM #45]

Andrea Keller @akbusybee is a former special ed teacher turned IT integrator who is using a gamified system of tech challenges to motivate faculty and staff to try new tools and has some great ways she connected her special ed class to the world. Her weekly math and writing challenges are a great way to connect a school into a real learning community.

Andrea Keller

Who will want to listen to this show?

For IT Integrators this is a must listen but special ed teachers, math teachers and writing teachers will find ideas.

My favorite part: Special Ed Skype Parties

I loved it when she shared about how her special ed class had a “birthday party” with a class from another state via Skype and the fact that although she is IT integrator, she pays special attention to her special ed students and teachers. Quieter students deserve intentional focus and great educators always remember to include them in technology plans.

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Twitter: @akbusybee

Last Wednesday's post on how her Tech challenges have grown and changed since Andrea created them is one you'll want to read.

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