Jott a note to yourself: Use your cell phone to record e-mail to text

Ok, I'm trying a really cool new service called jott. It lets me call a phone number and talk — I tell it who to send the e-mail to and record a phone message — it turns it into an e-mail and sends it. So you can send an e-mail or send a note to yourself about something. You can even hook it up with anything that uses an e-mail to post (like a blog) and blog by talking into your cell phone.

Just another way things are connected. Here was my first Jott — as it did it. I have put in brackets the word as should have actually read — so remember, its not perfect.

Hello World. I am trying Jott for the first time, I think this is a very fascinating messed [method] of sharing information and recording to myself when I may be away from my computer. I am excited about it and hope that it I can blog and twitter from my cell phone using Jott.

The next blog post that comes through here should be directly from Jott — soo very cool!

You can set it up to twitter and to jaiku for you. That is very neat! Just think, if you have a blog for your classroom and it can post from e-mail, you can “jott” a note to your class on the drive home. Let them know how it works but it also shows that you are thinking of them. Just put that cell phone on speaker phone and remember that you have 30 seconds and have to speak clearly! So very cool!

You can also use it to send e-mails to groups (like your class)– with the e-mails in hand of your students or staff, you can “Jott” them a quick e-mail message. This is great for the slow typists. Just another cool tool!


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2 thoughts on “Jott a note to yourself: Use your cell phone to record e-mail to text

  1. There’s another service called springdoo

    which allows you to send an audio/video email from your phone or computer to an email address. The email contains a link that takes the reader to the audio or video file. It means the email is still a really small file because the message itself is stored on springdoo’s server.

  2. I never thought of Jott being used in a educational environment! Just another integration with jott I ‘ve seen. FANTASTIC! From my understanding, Jott is moving towards a business model. I also think they will start to charge when this comes out ,BUT will keep a free version up. WHEWW!!

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