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18 Awesome Things I Learned About Google Slides from Eric Curts at #ISTELive

I started the day with Eric Curts and “Beyond the Slideshow: Unleashing Student Creativity with Google Slides”. I learned so many things from him today as I started my ISTE Live attendance. 

1. Use Emojis on Google Docs

Look at Eric's awesome handout and see how he used emojis in his headings. This is definitely going to help me make google docs more user-friendly for students and teachers.

Beyond the Slideshow: Google slides Activities for All Subjects – This handout from @ericcurts is beyond amazing. 

Eric Curts Google Docs
Eric Curts' used Emojis in his headings in Google Docs which made a beautiful table of contents.

2-5. The Importance of Audio Feedback on Slides

If students struggle with written feedback, they will thrive with audio feedback. I knew about Read/Write Toolbar for providing feedback but learned about four other ways to provide audio feedback on slides. Eric really likes Mote.

6-10. More Ways to Add Screencasting to Google Slides

Screencasting is such a vital skill for students and an essential part of a teacher's formative assessment toolkit. I've used Screencastify for years but learned about some more tools. Of particular interest is the “Record to Slides” which lets you record and immediately adds it to the slide for you. Since this is something my students struggle with, I'm going to test this with some of them.

  • Adding Videos to Google Slides

11-13. Google Slides for Manipulatives

I learned an essential skill to teach and share with my teachers who use the many Google slides manipulatives. Teach teachers to learn how to maximize space (show in the video below.)

Eric has fantastic resources, I'm not going to copy and paste them all but recommend you look at his resources.

13-16. Stop Motion Tips and Tricks

Stop Motion Animations with Google Slides are a fun way to teach math or science as students create a stop motion “video” with Google slides.  Eric's Blog post on this includes all of his information.

Stop Motion Shortcuts

Oh my goodness! I didn't know about these stop motion shortcuts!

Helpful keyboard shortcuts:

Alt + Left arrowRotate counterclockwise by 15°
Alt + Right arrowRotate clockwise by 15°
Alt + Shift + Left arrowRotate counterclockwise by 1°
Alt + Shift + Right arrowRotate clockwise by 1°
Arrow keysNudge up, down, left, or right
Shift + Arrow keysNudge one pixel at a time
Ctrl + Alt + jResize smaller
Ctrl + Alt + kResize larger

Changing the Timing to Run Faster

I had no idea how to do this. So, when you click “Publish to web,” you will see the ending of it that says


This number is the number of milliseconds the slide show delays before showing you the next slide!

Make this number smaller so you can make t go faster. Eric recommended taking the number down to 250. So, when you take it down to 250, it will go much faster. Then, just paste the link or share it wherever you go.

See more on this in his blog post about stop motion.

17-18. Non Branching Slideshows for Formative Assessment

Non-Linear Branching Slideshows – this is done when you make hyperlinks that go to different slides based on what a student clicks.  So, while you can do ebooks and such, I LOVE using this with a formative quiz. I'd never seen this done. Love this idea!

Self-grading, teaching formative quiz. So, you could make a simple formative quiz that prompts students and teaches them as they answer questions.

Other Resources

Dig into Eric’s other resources including Storybooks and ebooks, Video Mashups, Interactive slides with Peardeck, and Non-Linear Branching Slideshows (including Choice Boards.)

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