ISTE Day 0 Recap for my #NotatISTE #ISTELive Learning

I'm about to head to physical therapy this morning but before I do, I wanted to share my favorite resources from yesterday's ISTELive shares. This went out in my newsletter this morning as well.

I'm also adding a few items of my own hat I would be talking about if I was there.

Must-Read Tech Book. First, I’m reading an incredible book that came out during the Pandemic The Future is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Businesses Industries and Our Lives by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. As a result and a conversation with Michael Cohen (aka “the Tech Rabbi”) I am exploring and learning in the ED3 Tech Community Discord Server and they have formed an ED3 DAO. I am learning about many things I haven’t had time to explore during the busy pandemic season and beginning to share many things on social media and here relating to autonomous vehicles, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Robotics, Drones, AI and so many technologies that will truly transform our world. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you should see some of the things I’m sharing.

Possible Global Project in the Fall. If you have a class of seniors and are interested in a possible global collaborative project, I’m working on a project studying the Future is Faster than You think so send me an email by replying to this message. I’m looking for teachers who understand global collaboration with a similar format to the many I’ve co-created and worked with before. Right now, I’m just looking for like minded teachers who care about helping kids move ethically into the future with wisdom, ethics, intelligence, and creativity.

ISTE Resources

So, the official hashtag is #ISTELive and you can follow and see all of the things people are discussing on social media. Lots of people are also sharing their resources to #NotAtIste. Many educators I’ve noticed have moved from Twitter and are sharing on Linked In and Instagram too. Also on TikTok so look for the ISTELive Hashtag wherever you share.

ISTE Resources for you:

  1. Monica Burns (get her Not at ISTE content),
  2. Holley Clark – sign up to get tons of Chromebook and blended learning content
  3. Dave Carty’s guide to getting organized with Google Keep
  4. Matthew Winters is making a Wakelet of His ISTE22 Resources
  5. Tricial Fugelstad made a YouTube Tuturial of How to Make Augmented Reality Business Cards
  6. Jaime Donnally talking about LIDAR in the Ar/VR Playground (she’s a must follow in the Ar/VR Space)
  7. Zach King demonstrated how to make jumpcuts on the ISTE Stage and here are Zach’s film resources.
  8. Unreal Engine is a very cool app and tool (that is actually used to make XR stages) and I’m seeing people get into it (like this video from Chelsea Varnado) It is used to make video games and so much more.
  9. Read Richard Culatta’s essential shifts he shared Sunday night from the ISTE stage
  10. Stay tuned to me on Twitter and I’ll reshare the most helpful items.

Hot apps I'm thinking About Today

  • Notion. I’ve decided that Notion is really the only replacement for wikispaces and plan to do some things with it in the fall with my students.
  • Descript. I’ve also been testing Descript which is a true game changer for audio and video editing as it transcribes and lets you edit out words and it makes the subsequent edits inside your audio or video. It will remove all uhms or crutch words in a moment. Also, using AI you can train it and use an Overdub feature to prevent having to re-record things. I’ll be sharing a podcast episode where I used this Overdub feature soon. This is truly a remarkable app for podcasters, video editors or for people who hate editing audio and video and need some relief.
  • Lumio. If you’re at ISTE, check out my friends at Lumio who recently sponsored this post with me as I share this awesome tool – Lumio: Making Review and Practice Easy SMART Booth 1116
  • Right now it is interesting to watch the competition heat up between Canva and Adobe apps. Canva has made huge inroads in education and is an app I recommended to all of our teachers during post planning. Teachers love it. You can see two sets of badges going around – one template in Canva and one Template in an Adobe app.
  • Clips. Lots of people are talking about the Clips app by Apple in Iphone. It has many of the features from Instagram or TikTok and can be a great place to make your videos and post to multiple places.
  • DoInkTweets has some animation apps for making simple animations.

A Hot Podcast or Two on Technology and Hot Topics

Some Personal Notes

I’m so excited for everyone traveling and learning and at ISTELive. I’m also excited that I’m walking and exercising every day – I have a 7-day streak going now. I will walk with a limp until late July since I have a metal plate in my shoe, but I’m so happy to be walking, and nothing can mess up my attitude and joy! I’m so grateful.

I’m also reading a book a week this summer and have read many awesome books (and a few not-so-awesome.) Some books I’d recommend besides the one in the opener include:

​I'm a twelve month employee at my school so this summer I’m working to build some employee onboarding and simple training classes for technology for our employees so we can progress and move forward. This has included shooting some videos and updating our Employee Experience internal website which I use for Google sites.

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