3D Printing in a STEM Classroom

David Ternent, a teacher in a middle school STEM classroom in Ohio, shares how he has used his 3D printers to transform and excite kids about learning STEM concepts. His students are 3d printing tiny houses, drones with cameras and VR glasses and so much more. He shares his workflow, how his students sculpt in VR before printing, example projects, and how he manages supply costs. He also gives advice to teachers and districts who want to start with 3D printing.

3D Printing in a STEM Classroom

Lately my students have printed mini drones that you can attach motors to. We’ve even put cameras on the drones and we’ve flown them using VR goggles. 

David Ternent on episode 402 
#402, 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

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David Ternent

David Ternent is a middle school STEM teacher in Ohio. I met him this summer when I spoke in Akron and was amazed at what he and his students are doing in his classroom.

David is a 7th grade STEM teacher in the Stow-Munroe Falls School District. He has taught Chemistry and Physical science at the High School level and Earth/Space and Life science in Middle school. He loves to go on great adventures with his wife and two sons. David also loves to train Jiu Jitsu, Rock Climb, and hike/backpack all over the place!

Twitter: @dave_ternent

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