Horse and Buggy Classrooms

horse and buggy classrooms

Why don’t more people drive a horse and buggy to school?
They got the job done.
They took us where we wanted to go — just slow.
Sure, we had to feed the horses.
And we had to live nearer to the schoolhouse.
But a horse and buggy got us there.
Didn’t they?
Sure, cars are faster and can take us further.
We can travel to faraway places that a horse and buggy could never go.
But a horse and buggy worked so well for so long and everyone knew how to use them.
I wonder why we don’t use them anymore?

Why don’t more people just use paper and whiteboard in the classroom?
They get the job done.
They help us learn what we need to know — just slow.
Sure, we have to make the copies.
And we have to grade a lot and that takes a while to give feedback to kids
But paper and whiteboard get us there.
Don’t they?
Sure, technology and formative assessment can help us teach and assess faster.
We can create experiences that could never happen on paper and whiteboard.
But paper and whiteboard have worked so well for so long and everybody knows how to use them.
I wonder why we still use paper and whiteboard so much?

When the standard we have of efficiency and effectiveness in our choice of transportation is not the same standard by which we expect our classrooms to perform …

it says a lot about our priorities.

Horse and Buggy Classrooms

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