My favorite app for communicating with parents: Bloomz

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Bloomz is the free tool I currently use for communicating with parents. Bloomz was one of my sponsors for ISTE 2016 this year, and I appreciate their support. So, I sat down with Bloomz and did an interview about the product and how it works. They have some cool new features including Bloomz for schools, video, and student timelines. (Timelines are a portfolio-like tool to share student work with parents.)

my favorite app for parent teacher communication
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Recent awards: Bloomz won the 2016 Edtech Digest Cool Tool Award for best new product or service. They also won the American Association of School Librarian's Award for Best Websites for Teaching and Learning: Social Media 2016.  ISTE is one of the only times you'll ever hear me do an interview about a particular product.  Bloomz is a great tool. I use it personally and highly recommend it.

Thank you to Bloomz, Today's Sponsor

Bloomz is your one-stop solution for parent-teacher communications. More than just connecting with their cell phones, you can send long or short messages. You can share pictures and links. You can even coordinate volunteer schedules, donations, and parent-teacher conferences. I’m using Bloomz in my classroom.

Show Notes:

  • The private way you can share photographs with parents.
  • Scheduling posts to parents to save time.
  • Student timelines (portfolios) being added to Bloomz.
  • New behavior tracking features. (Positive behaviors.)
  • Support for video inside Bloomz.
  • They now have a free school-wide product.


Who is Horatio Ochoa?

Horacio Ochoa has been head of Marketing at Bloomz @BloomzApp since it's launch in early 2015. He has years of experience in consumer and technology brands, including Pepsi and Microsoft. Horacio is originally from Mexico and holds a Masters degree from the University of Texas.

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3 thoughts on “My favorite app for communicating with parents: Bloomz

  1. Do you think that Bloomz is a better app to use than I used Remind last year, but Bloomz has caught my attention after reading your post. Thanks!

    • Hi Cat, there are some things about Bloomz that I really like — the whole private messaging thing and tying to an app is awesome for me. For example, I turn off my phone notifications after 8 pm at night and they don’t come back on until 8 am the next day. With bloomz, they message me and I get them the next morning. All that sharing phone numbers is gone and it is TWO WAY. I can share photos and videos. I like that parents can CHOOSE how to get my stuff. They don’t have to sign up or use the app – it can go straight to email. Or they can get the app and get notifications like I do through the app or they can get text messages. So, there are lots of choices. I”ve just found it nice and easy. I used Remind a little and Celly a little and I admit that I haven’t used Remind in over a year just because I’m happy with Bloomz.