Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores

How to reach every learner every day from a teacher who is doing it

Physics can be taught with a total project based learning approach and have high test scores. Teacher Ben Owens demonstrates this every day. High poverty and high needs students don’t stop him. He expects 100% engagement from every student every day (and gets it.) Listen Now

Ben Owens-stem girls

Even more exciting is how the girls in his class enjoy physics. (Some of them recently won a “punkin’ chunkin’ contest” in his local Appalachian mountain community.) Hear the @engineerteacher tell his fantastic story of learning, engagement and high achievement.

Essential Questions: Riveting Ways to Engage Girls in STEM, Achieve High Test Scores

  • How project based learning and physics compliment each other.
  • How Ben Owens works to reach every student with difficult math and physics concepts.
  • How Ben helps girls get more excited about math (It is not what you think.)

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