Tips on starting the school year

I'm heading out for last minute R&R before school starts, but I have been reviewing my notes to myself last year about how to start the school year off right. I thought you might want to read them too (especially if you're a newcomer to this blog.)

Starting the School Year off Right: Part 1 — Set the Pace
Starting the School Year off Right: Part 2 — Establish the Flow
Starting the School Year off Right: Part 3 — Create the Plan

One of the main reasons that I blog is that I am continually writing lists and giving myself notes. This year when I wanted to find my checklist for starting school, I just searched my own blog.

It is not about being center stage, it is about being practical, publishing electronically so we can find things. That is really why I started, making notes to myself as I started creating a wiki page.

You only have one chance to have a good first day of school, make it count and start well!

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8 thoughts on “Tips on starting the school year

  1. “This morning I read some great reminders about starting the school year off right at the Cool Cat Teacher Blog. I have about four educational technology blogs that I am currently reading. They are listed on this page. I LOVE my real life teacher friends, but I am also really diggin’ reading blogs from teachers in other places.”

  2. I really enjoyed reading your tips on starting a new school year off right! I’m not necessarily a new teacher, but not a veteran either. This will be my 9th year teaching middle school. I love hearing other ideas, because all great teachers believe in “borrowing” so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel, right?! I hope to use some of your strategies this year. So, thanks a million!

  3. This my first experience with a blog! I am learning about them in my Master’s courses. I enjoyed your article on “starting the school year.” It was informative, even for a veteran teacher like myself Thanks,

  4. Thank you for re-posting this. I came across the original a while ago and have found it really helpful in preparing for the first few days in my new school. I have shared your words of wisdom with some of my fellow new teachers, im sure they will appreciate the advice too. Thanks

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  6. Have passed this on to the newest teacher in my family as “words to the wise!”

    Loved the idea of the “get to know the textbook” activity on the first day!

    Have also strongly hinted that she read you often!

    and I have gently urged her to blog this new adventure…we will see! I hope she will

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