Happy Anniversary CoolCatHusband!

“Let those who are in favor with their stars
Of public honor and proud titles boast,
Whilst I, whom fortune of such triumph bars,
Unlooked for joy in that I honor most.
Great princes' favorites their fair leaves spread
But as the marigold at the sun's eye;
And in themselves their pride lies buried,
For at a frown they in their glory die.
The painful warrior famoused for fight,
After a thousand victories once foiled,
Is from the book of honor raised quite,
And all the rest forgot for which he toiled.
Then happy I, that love and am beloved
Where I may not remove nor be removed.”

A sonnet, William Shakespeare

Today my husband and I celebrate fourteen years together and I am so very grateful for his unconditional love and support in a world full of conditions. It is amazing how one that I did not know for 23 years could now be more family to me than family.

A great man of faith, when we lost everything we saved in our first five years of marriage and a pecan grove that went under water, he went back into engineering and we agreed, “God doesn't give demotions.”

As he moved ahead and five years later when he was laid off due to downsizing the Monday before Thanksgiving, we again struggled and said, “God doesn't give demotions.”

He moved back into manufacturing engineering, his gift, and continued to work hard every day sometimes loving it, sometimes, well, you know. As he worked so very hard, he has been promoted several times and this past week was named Engineering manager for his manufacturing plant. Though we couldn't see, there was a plan and I am so thankful. He truly deserves it.

He is a great man…sticking it out when most would quit…doing his best when no one noticed…taking lateral moves into tough jobs knowing it would fill in gaps in his knowledge base…keeping faith although his parents died too young. He has every excuse to be broken beyond repair and yet, he is not.

He is my model of perseverance, love, and faith. My favorite song for him is “I can't smile without you” which is so true. It is his love and belief in my dream of being an inspirational writer that keeps me coming back to this blog and writing.

Some would accuse me of being sappy, but insofar as I remember, I've been blogging for close to two years and never wished him happy birthday or anniversary.

So, today, honey, this blog is for you. Happy Anniversary!

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Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis is a full-time classroom teacher and IT Director in Georgia, USA. She is Mom of three, wife of one, and loves talking about the wise, transformational use of technology for teaching and doing good in the world. She hosts the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast which interviews teachers around the world about remarkable classroom practices to inspire and help teachers. Vicki focuses on what unites us -- a quest for truly remarkable life-changing teaching and learning. The goal of her work is to provide actionable, encouraging, relevant ideas for teachers that are grounded in the truth and shared with love. Vicki has been teaching since 2002 and blogging since 2005. Vicki has spoken around the world to inspire and help teachers reach their students. She is passionate about helping every child find purpose, passion, and meaning in life with a lifelong commitment to the joy and responsibility of learning. If you talk to Vicki for very long, she will encourage you to "Relate to Educate" or "innovate like a turtle" or to be "a remarkable teacher." She loves to talk to teachers who love their students and are trying to do their best. Twitter is her favorite place to share and she loves to make homemade sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls and enjoys running half marathons with her sisters. You can usually find her laughing with her students or digging into a book.

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Durff July 31, 2007 - 4:49 pm

Congratulations to both of you! This anniversary is quite an accomplishment (and one of which I can only wish…)

Karyn Romeis July 31, 2007 - 5:31 pm

Happy anniversary to both you cool cats. I see that you are a mutual fan club, which is wonderful. Long may it continue. I am blessed with the same rich love, and totally understand your “sappiness”. Recently, I got an email from someone who referred to us as “a couple who insist of remaining interested in each other after so many years” Why not, I say!

Christy Tucker July 31, 2007 - 10:29 pm

Congratulations and happy anniversary to you both. I hope my husband and I will weather the storms as well as you have!

David August 1, 2007 - 5:12 pm

What a great phrase — “God doesn’t give demotions!” That is something for all of us to remember and to share with others!


Josh Champagne August 1, 2008 - 4:49 pm

Inspiring Post! I used to work in manufacturing and found lean manufacturing, six sigma and all that Japanese production goodness a lot of fun to implement. I find myself using much of the same principles in my daily life and in my work as a school district webmaster and computer tech. Keep up the great writing! I enjoy your blog and I appreciate the way you integrate your faith into everything you do. That’s what life is really all about.

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