This video gives me chills!

Simon's (from educating the dragon) video response over at Teacher Tube to my question “Why should we teach technology to students?” (from my Technology Fear factor video) gives me chills.

Thoughts on Teacher Tube

Teacher tube is really starting to get a lot of your contributions.

No limit
Here is the nice thing about it — youtube has a 10 minute limit so I have 5-6 videos I couldn't upload there but had to use Google Video.

One place
From an ease of use perspective for collecting my own digital artifacts, the teacher tube allows all lengths and I really want to go to one place. (Of course the drawback is that it is not available and searchable for everyone like on youtube or google video.)

Not Blocked (yet)

Also, it seems like teacher tube is not blocked at many schools!

The Technology Fear Factor video has had 3064 views at Teacher Tube and 210 views on youtube!

We may need to use teacher tube just for these reasons.

(On a note: From listening to other bloggers, youtube has continually ignored our requests for an educational category so that we can set our filters that way.)

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Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis is a full-time classroom teacher and IT Director in Georgia, USA. She is Mom of three, wife of one, and loves talking about the wise, transformational use of technology for teaching and doing good in the world. She hosts the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast which interviews teachers around the world about remarkable classroom practices to inspire and help teachers. Vicki focuses on what unites us -- a quest for truly remarkable life-changing teaching and learning. The goal of her work is to provide actionable, encouraging, relevant ideas for teachers that are grounded in the truth and shared with love. Vicki has been teaching since 2002 and blogging since 2005. Vicki has spoken around the world to inspire and help teachers reach their students. She is passionate about helping every child find purpose, passion, and meaning in life with a lifelong commitment to the joy and responsibility of learning. If you talk to Vicki for very long, she will encourage you to "Relate to Educate" or "innovate like a turtle" or to be "a remarkable teacher." She loves to talk to teachers who love their students and are trying to do their best. Twitter is her favorite place to share and she loves to make homemade sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls and enjoys running half marathons with her sisters. You can usually find her laughing with her students or digging into a book.

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Beth March 27, 2007 - 11:10 pm

I was thrilled when I discovered it .. and I’ll tell you why – I had been searching all over the place for screencast on using a particular piece of re open source software. couldn’t find it. I land on TeacherTube and viola – it’s there.
I just hope they don’t get a cease and decease letter for violating any trademark …

Beth March 27, 2007 - 11:11 pm

I was thrilled when I discovered it .. and I’ll tell you why – I had been searching all over the place for screencast on using a particular piece of re open source software. couldn’t find it. I land on TeacherTube and viola – it’s there.
I just hope they don’t get a cease and decease letter for violating any trademark …

Christy Tucker March 27, 2007 - 11:57 pm

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but Google Reader isn’t showing this video correctly in the feed. It shows the error message “XML config file not found or incomplete.” I am way out of my league for troubleshooting on video for this, but maybe you can find a solution.


John Pearce March 28, 2007 - 12:36 pm

Hi Vicki,

After blogging about TeacherTube the other day, (and referencing your contributions to it :)), I got the following Comment from Jason Smith, jsmith(at)


Thank you for sharing TeacherTube with the world through your blog.

I am Jason one of 3 co-founders of TeacherTube. Along with my wife, Jodie and brother Adam we created TeacherTube to form a community where the best teachers in the world are sharing their best practices with other teachers and with students. My wife and I are 14 year veteran public educators and my brother is our tech guru.

TeacherTube is designed to be a safe place for learners of all ages so schools can feel confident allowing TeacherTube into the classrooms. We also understand TeacherTube will only be as good as the content our community members places into the site. So it is very important to us that our community members keep high standards for uploads through the ability to flag and comment on any video lesson.

Please encourage your readers to give us input, for TeacherTube is learning as the site continues to grow.”

Given your dip into the tube already, I am surprised he hasn’t sent a similar message to you. It is re-assuring though to find out the obvious credentials behind the project. Let’s hope things work out as they envisage.

J Wolf March 29, 2007 - 2:10 am

I just discovered TeacherTube. I hope it makes it. Our school blocks YouTube. This is a great place to post teacher and student made videos. Thanks.

Miguel March 29, 2007 - 6:23 am

Anyone know how to download the file so that you can have access to it offline?

Thanks for sharing this! I hadn’t seen it yet!
I’ll have to update my “Hacking YouTube” wiki page to “Hacking TeacherTube!” Sigh.


Miguel Guhlin

Mr. Schneider March 29, 2007 - 11:44 am

Are the community guidelines for teachertube much different than youtube?

While this might be cool at the start, when we get 10,000 videos on the site will we be sure this site is “safe”. This is the question I got from my administrator.

I think we shouldn’t assume its safer just because teachers post it. And also, how do we know teachers are posting and not some random dude?

If someone is going through and flagging “bad” posts that is the same as youtube. That is easy when there are 142 posts. If this goes big there will 10,000 videos on here very soon. Then it will be a challenge.

Anyway, I need a way to convince my bosses that this site will be different. Any ideas?

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