My favorite podcast: Relationships that Break down barriers!

I love listening to podcasts! The world is available for us to listen to for free!

One of my favorites is the Zig Ziglar Inspire podcast. Although many people in the business world love him, I listen because he talks about such important things about having a good attitude, working with people, having a good marriage, and faith.

This weeks show is “Relationships that Break Down Barriers.”

At the beginning he talks about the relationships that have influenced him most and that if he had limited himself to only associating and learning from those just like himself, that the five most influential people in his life would never have reached him!

It is a great listen and reminds me of the importance of reaching out and learning from a wide variety of people! It is very inspiring!

What are your favorite podcasts?

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3 thoughts on “My favorite podcast: Relationships that Break down barriers!

  1. Vicki,
    I too feel that teaching is a high calling. I am excited to find your blog. I have only recently begun spending time searching out other educator’s blogsites, and have also created my own. I am looking for educators that share the same passion and joy for teaching as myself. I am seeking to see what others are doing within their classrooms. I am an elementary teacher who teaches Language and Writing in a private christian elementary school in Arkansas. I look forward to finding more people like yourself!

  2. That’s a tricky question, what is my favourite podcast… Hmm, I do enjoy listening to Steve Dembo at, it feels like having a conversation as he just rambles on and laughs at himself a lot. I have been listening to the Podcast for Teachers podcast too lately. But I find that after a while I start looking for a new voice to listen to with a new message, I think it’s a bit like taste in music, I like looking for new stuff. Will give the Ziglar a go 🙂

  3. Ed Tech Live with Steve Hargadon, The TechTeacher Podcast (BiTT) with Brad Neissen,
    November Learning Podcast Series. I am also taking advantage (“life-long” learner) of some of the lecture podcasts in the fields of Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology from Johns Hopkins and UC Berkeley.

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