How Perla Zamora and Her students in Mexico are Tearing Down Walls

Episode #34 The 10-Minute Teacher on Global Collaboration

Today Perla Zamora @pzamoraats from Tampico, Mexico is tearing down walls. For thought leader Thursday, today, ask yourself how you're connecting your classroom to the world.

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In today's show, we'll discuss:

  • Ways Perla is connecting her classroom to other classrooms
  • Overcoming fears of connecting with other classrooms
  • The most important thing she’s learned as she connects her students to other classrooms

I hope you enjoy this episode with Perla!
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Perla Zamora

Ms. Perla Zamora @pzamoraats is a passionate teacher and Technology advisor in the American School of Tampico. Her curiosity took her into “The Flat Connection Project” in 2012. That was the beginning of a journey for her students to interact and learn while, appreciating and valuing different cultures. Her adventurous spirit lead her to be in contact with teachers around the world. Her experience in this field is documented in the book “The Global Educator”.

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