ISTE 2012: Going to be Great!

Looking forward to ISTE 2012. Here are the sessions where I'm presenting, there are a few spots open in some of them, so if you're coming, go ahead and register as usually they are full. They put us in larger rooms so some of them have more spots than usual and also, one session (bookmarks) will be in remote iste.

I'll be in the Edublogger lounge to try to see people I don't get to see.

If you're there, the one thing I ask you is that you come say “hi.” I do want to talk to you. I do want to meet people who read this blog and tweet and comment with me. I might look tired or excitedly talking to someone I haven't seen in a long time but the day I don't have time to make new friends is the day I'll quit blogging. I want to help you and meet you. (One tip I'll give – if you want me to do something for you – write it on the back of your business card so I'll remember – I'm weak on auditory anyway.)

Due to a family wedding, I'll have to leave early on Wednesday but am heading in early to see some of San Diego.

See you at ISTE!

Saturday June 23

Will be presenting a keynoter smackdown for 4 minutes for ISTE at 10:25 am.

Sunday June 24

Global Education Summit – Room 5

Flat Classroom Projects–Transform Learning through Global Collaboration [Learning Station Session; Global Collaboration Project] 
Location: SDCC Halls DE Lobby, Table 39
Who should come by: If you're interested in global collaboration in your classroom (or want your book signed) this will be a great time to come by and see me. My daughter will be there and she's done 3 projects and won a video award or two so she can talk about what she learned.

Monday, June 25

BM117   Wonderful World of Wiki Teaching [Concurrent Session; BYOD]
Location: SDCC 31AB
This is with Adam Frey – we'll share the latest powerful aspects of wikis and also drill down into wikispaces as well. I'll also be sharing a few notes from my upcoming book about collaborative writing and the common core and relate common core writing standards to the use of wikis so you can adapt what you're doing now to integrate the common core. Adam always rocks it with new cool things and I learn a lot too. Ben Curran is going to kick off his backchannel magic. He and Neil did an incredible job with our Flat Classroom book club this year and he's becoming a friend.



Flat Classroom and Global Collaboration [Concurrent Session; Birds-of-a-Feather]
Location: SDCC 30CD
The purpose of this session is to help educators connect and plan global projects around your areas of interest. While we share some about the flat classroom framework, this is for anyone who connects and collaborates globally – if you want to connect around platform or grade level that is fine too. This is open for everyone collaborating globally and our goal is to help you start your own projects (with some guidance.)

*After the Birds of a Feather, we usually all go out dutch at Dinner. If you want to join in the Flat Classroom fun, come to the birds of a feather and message @julielindsay or @coolcatteacher before then. 

Tuesday, June 26

10:00- 12:00 pm

Book Signing with Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay [Personal Appointment; ]
Location: Exhibit Hall — Booth 3513 (Note: Julie will be signing again on Wednesday.)
Description: Pearson Booth in Exhibit Hall
We will be signing inserts to put in your book – so even if you don't have the book yet, you can come by – this will be the oNLY time we're signing books together. If you have your book, bring it because ISTE will only sell ISTE books in their bookstore and we or Pearson aren't allowed to sell the book. (Sorry) but we can sign the book inserts that will glue into your book. Otherwise, order the book and bring it and we'll sign in there.

Also note: 10-12 on Tuesday some of our “Rock Star” Flat Classroom certified  teachers are going to be at Table 31 talking about what they are doing in the projects (grades kindergarten) and global collaborations of all kinds (these teachers do lots of fantastic projects!)
Anne Mirtschin, Sandy Wisneski, Kathy Scarpato, Cindy Shultz (possibly)


Collaborative Writing and Common Core Standards in the Classroom [Concurrent Session; Spotlight]
Location: SDCC 8
This is going to be a powerful session that I'm moderating with Leigh Zeitz, Jennifer Roberts, and Julie Lindsay. Ben Curran is going to be doing his backchannel magic so we can get your questions asked and answered.

BT219   Bookmarks, PLNs, and More: Supercharge Your Learning, Teaching, and Research[Concurrent Session; BYOD]
Location: SDCC 31AB
This is going to be with Maggie Tsai and Suzie Nestico with Ben Curran Backchannel moderating and will be part of Remote ISTE. There are so many amazing things behind Diigo – it is a secret weapon for me and my sharing. Love it. We use it in Flat Classroom projects as well.

Engage, Retain, and Thrive–Getting Girls into Technology [Concurrent Session; Birds-of-a-Feather]
Location: SDCC 30AB
I'm not moderating this session but it is being run by Sylvia Martinez – such an amazing, inspirational person. My daughter was recipient of an NCWIT award in Georgia this year and is going to be working the GenYes! booth and will be at this session with me. This is an important — VITAL topic to the future of any successful country. I hope that MEN and WOMEN will come because it will take all of us to help young ladies realize that technology related professions are important.
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