Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 09/05/2013

  • Start a New Habit with Chains.cc

    Building habits takes time. There are apps like “Don't break the chain” and “lift” but this new one mentioned by ProfHacker called “chains” is worth a look just because it is so visual – you could use this to build habits in your classroom as well.

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  • Common Core Math: Best Resources for High School Educators

    Common Core high school math resources from Edutopia.

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  • Try Azendoo to Organize Group Projects

    Richard Byrne recommends using Azendoo to organize group projects. While I use Trello, I do recommend finding something to help you manage #geniushour if you're going to take that approach in your classroom – Azendoo may just work.

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  • Common Core in Action: Math in the Middle School Classroom

    Looks like some great resources for Common Core middle school math teachers on the Edutopia website.

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  • Skype for Windows Phone 8 now supports video messaging

    If Mystery Skypes are too hard to set up – TRY THIS! The new skype lets you leave Video MESSAGES. So you can Mystery Skype in a whole new way. This is GREAT news and takes much of the complexity out of setting up a mystery skype. While synchronous skyping is always great, if it isn't possible, this works.

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  • Resources: Lesson plans – Google Apps for Education

    Lots of free lesson plans by some reputable teachers using Google products. These are on the Google website and looks like many fellow Google Certified Teachers have prepared the plans. Awesome! Pass it along.

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  • MyOpenID To Shut Down In February

    If you use the MyOpenId service on your website or for anything, they've announced that they will stop the service on February 1, 2014. So many are starting to use Google sign in or Facebook that myOpenId may not be the problem it would have been several years back, but it is worth a mention.

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  • Langwitches Blog | The Magic of Learning

    Will you help Silvia Tolisano's students by letting them know what screencasts you want them to record? Thank you for taking a moment. This is a great project she's doing for these 6th graders. She does such a wonderful job of helping students develop an authentic audience.

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  • DLN – Webcast | NASA

    If you want to take the NASA Challenge – they are scheduling a webcast that will explain more about the challenge and how to do the radiation activity on October 18th, 2013 starting at 3:00 pm CT. This is the channel where it can be seen, so mark your calendars now and plan to see it.

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  • Central Nervous System-emaze-amazing presentations in minutes

    Here's a sample presentation from eMaze. If you look at it, you'll see elements of Prezi and Haiku deck. These simple presentation makers add variety. I prefer to have multiple types of presentation programs to keep our work fresh and interesting.

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  • Exploration Design Challenge | NASA

    All students and educators participating in the challeng will have their name flown on the Exploration Flight Test-I mission as a member of the virtual crew. This mission will be unmanned and will launch in late 2014. So, kids can be a “virtual explorer.” There are 4 challenges, age appropriate, to help design protective radiation protection for astronauts. We need to get students interest in space travel for a variety of reasons. This is a lovely real world project for students to join or could be a project for one of your #geniushour teams. “The goal of the Exploration Design Challenge is for students to research and design ways to protect astronauts from space radiation. NASA and Lockheed Martin are developing the Orion spacecraft that will carry astronauts beyond low Earth orbit and on to an asteroid or Mars. Protecting astronauts from radiation on these distant travels is an important — and very real — problem that needs solving. NASA would like your help!”

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  • coolcatteacher – Skype in the classroom

    If you have older kids and want to Mystery Skype – I'd like to start setting some up – tweet me through this Skype profile or via Twitter. I have students at a variety of times — 5 classes. 😉 Join in and find others!!!! This is for you. Set a goal of how many mystery skype's you'd like to do in your classes. I'd like to do once a month eventually but for now, if I can just get for each class, I'm going to take it from there.

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  • #MysterySkype – Skype in the classroom

    You can now plan a Mystery Skype by registering on Skype. They've got information on how to do it and a system to help you pair with classes your age. I'm all in this!

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  • Mystery Skype hasthtag on Twitter

    If you want to Mystery Skype, the hashtag on Twitter is #mysteryskype. There's also a new place on Skype for this as well.

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