Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/28/2013

Today's Daily Education and Technology News includes lots of resources for teaching about and with Infographics and Cartoons in the classroom. Infographics are a powerful new method of journalism and a form of storytelling that tends to go viral that you can easily use with kids. With the free tools available to students today, they no longer have to have an artistic hand to try their hand at infographics and cartoons.

Charles Minard's Infographic about Napoleans 1812 Russian Campaign

Infographics and cartoons are also valuable tools to use in your district to communicate positive stories. Reach and find out the stories you have to tell and compile them in an infographic as part of the marketing effort of your school. We all have stories to tell and one of the most powerful ways to tell those stories is with infographics. Hope you enjoy today's links. (Let me know if you like the new, more narrative format of these daily news posts for each day's updates in the comments. Thanks!)


Resources to teach about infographics

Next week, we are teaching about infographics in my computer fundamentals classroom and these are some of the resources we're using.

Infographic Books

The Best American Infographics 2013

Thinking Through Project-Based Learning: Guiding Deeper Inquiry by Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss also includes mention of infographics as it emphasizes how we can help students learn more deeply.

Infographic tools for kids

  • Piktochart's DIY Infographic App – for Education

    Another Infographic app for schools. You can use just a few themes for the free price and there are prices for schools to use Piktochart. This is another option for creating infographics with students.

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  • vizualize.me: Visualize your resume in one click.

    This website lets you visualize your resume with a powerful infographic and is designed to work with Linked in. Have students create a similar graphic about what it will take to get to their desired career. Fascinating tool with a very specific purpose.

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  • Many Eyes

    Another software visualization tool. This one is from IBM. The URL is an odd one so you'll have to bookmark this. This is free and is listed as an “experiment”. It looks like many educators are gravitating to the site as I've found some nice infographics for literature here as well. On the homepage you can scroll through some of the ideas. There are also some nice articles about how to create effective visualizations on this site that will give you ideas if you are using infographics in the classroom.

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  • easel.ly | create and share visual ideas online

    Another infographic maker that I've tested is easel.ly. I could not use this at all in Chrome but in Firefox it was a nice graphic maker. This is more for narrative story type graphics than Infogr.am, in my opinion. There are several basic themes to choose from and you edit and add your own graphics. Another tool you could use with students although if you want graphics that have a lot of data you should go with infogr.am. I found Easel.ly to be very simple to use with a quick sign up process, although it was totally unresponsive in Chrome, so make sure they are using IE or Firefox if you pick this tool. I recommend this tool for writing teachers, bloggers, and as a nice way to graphically organize stories, etc. Cost: free

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Cartoon Makers

Cartooning and graphic novels are another powerful way to teach storytelling without having to delve into long stories. These serve as great story starters or ways to develop dialog.

Books on Cartooning

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud is pretty much the definitive guidebook on comics and I”d start there. Scott also has new books on cartooning: Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels and Reinventing Comics: How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art Form which I haven't read but look like they could be helpful as well. I've found if you start with the best and then move out from there, you've got a solid knowledge base from which to teach your students.

The EveryArtist Live! Project

EveryArtist Live! November 21. Creativity matters as we focus on the worldwide art project of gratitude. Sign your students up today.

Upcoming Global Projects You'll want to join

Since we're talking creativity today in our news, remember Every Artist Live is coming up on November 21st. Register for your school's free art gallery and get ready to share your student art projects about gratitude.

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