I M possible

We know not where the digital revolution may take us.

We do know the great inventors of history dreamed impossible dreams and took steps to make it happen… electricity, the light bulb, the telephone, the Internet…

virtual worlds, humanoid robots, 3 d virtual immersive worlds, intelligent agents. These things all seem impossible as do time travel, true interplanetary space travel, and colonizing other planets.

Yet impossible dreams lived by impossible dreamers and backed up by a lot of hard work often have a way of happening.

My impossible dreams?

That we could have a flat classroom project followed up by a face to face meeting of the award winning students. (Believe it or not, this is something Julie and I ARE working on now — seeking ways to make this happen.)

True, sustainable, collaborative projects that run year round with students moving in and out of them as fits the curriculum and communicating with others.

Legacy projects in virtual worlds where students create things and future generations enjoy them. (Indeed this is happening now at places like Suffern Middle School.)

Using cell phones, 3d environments, and all of the technologies deemed “the enemy” by academia in useful, meaningful, ways in pursuit of a truly excellent academic curriculum and results.

Perhaps my biggest dreams personally have to do with authoring books that improve people’s lives… not just this year but are passed down to others including my own children as a legacy of how to live life amidst the struggles, challenges, and problems. Life is not like a novel where something new happens around each corner, but rather it is often a struggle and a challenge, and often when one turns a corner there are empty corridors. (However, living life in service of my Savior is truly my greatest calling in life… and I’m thankful that is not an impossible dream. )

Although this youtube video is commercial for Honda, I really see in it something more.

I see many educators dreaming dreams that were impossible a few years a go… of joining with other classrooms and educators around the world with joint projects. Overcoming distance, time, space, cultural, and curricular barriers.

Go ahead… dream that impossible dream. But remember this… it seems impossible to others and that is fine.

The greatest hurdle you must overcome is the erasure of the “im” in your own mind and transformation of im-possible to possible.

i m possible

Through me… it is possible.

So, lets agree to let impossible stand for something else.

I say that

i m possible should stand for “I make possible.”

How about you… what can you turn from “impossible” to “I make possible?”

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  1. I was so thrilled to watch this video. We actually saw Asimo in person when we were at Disneyland a few weeks ago. It was amazing what he could do! He walked up and down stairs too but when he ran, he kind of fell and broke into pieces so we all were told the “show” was over. It just goes to show that everyone needs to modify and adjust when necessary.

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