Hey Teacher – You Can Do This!

As many teachers go back to school, it is easy to bemoan what is past. You could hit that alarm and moan and wish for another day. But I think the best strategy – at least the one that works for me – is to get up and run into the day. Get up early. Get to school early. Drink Your Coffee. Whatever it takes to hit this excitement head on.

I've had a fantastic start to the school year with my students. We're learning so much and I love our new LMS – Haiku Learning. We've got other exciting things planned this year including robotics and app building. You've got exciting things in store too.

Better Every Year

Never ever consider teaching the same year 30 times – that would be sad. Instead, if you and I are lucky enough to teach 30 years – we should become better every year. We should level up and move forward. This is an awesome profession that changes lives. It is exciting to start school and to have THEM back.


Those precious, wonderful kids who have all these talents and don't know it yet. Oh, but I love those who are down. Those who remind me of myself at that age, I guess – they're the ones left out – the ones who are struggling to learn – the ones who don't feel like they fit in. As a teacher, you and I are a powerful force for good. We can be the light we wish to see in the world – shining spotlights upon the strengths of these children and helping them work through their weaknesses so the weaknesses don't become debilitating influences upon their lives.

You Get What You Expect

But all of this starts with what we expect. You get what you think you'll get. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.”

So, hit this day with all you've got! You're on your way!!

YYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I get to teach another day.

And that, my friends, is a very sweet thing that makes every day like a bite of chocolate. So sweet and delicious but always leave you wanting more.

Teach well. Be noble. You've got this.

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Vicki Davis is a full-time classroom teacher and IT Director in Georgia, USA. She is Mom of three, wife of one, and loves talking about the wise, transformational use of technology for teaching and doing good in the world. She hosts the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast which interviews teachers around the world about remarkable classroom practices to inspire and help teachers. Vicki focuses on what unites us -- a quest for truly remarkable life-changing teaching and learning. The goal of her work is to provide actionable, encouraging, relevant ideas for teachers that are grounded in the truth and shared with love. Vicki has been teaching since 2002 and blogging since 2005. Vicki has spoken around the world to inspire and help teachers reach their students. She is passionate about helping every child find purpose, passion, and meaning in life with a lifelong commitment to the joy and responsibility of learning. If you talk to Vicki for very long, she will encourage you to "Relate to Educate" or "innovate like a turtle" or to be "a remarkable teacher." She loves to talk to teachers who love their students and are trying to do their best. Twitter is her favorite place to share and she loves to make homemade sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls and enjoys running half marathons with her sisters. You can usually find her laughing with her students or digging into a book.

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Katie Cherry August 21, 2014 - 8:36 pm

Thanks, Vicki, for continuing to inspire us! I have learned a lot from your publications and blog posts, and am always inspired to keep learning and becoming a better teacher. I hope you have a great school year too!

Vicki Davis August 23, 2014 - 12:51 pm

You too Katie!! Rock it and enjoy it. Time flies.

Norah Colvin August 24, 2014 - 2:52 am

I love it! Every year is a new year with new learning to do and new students to work with. If we don’t grow, we can’t expect our students to either. Your discussion of the children who have many wonderful talents but don’t yet know it reminded me of this article on Huff Post Parents http://goo.gl/BY8eu7 If you haven’t already seen it, I’m sure you will enjoy it. It is more than 40 years since my first year of teaching and, while I have not been in the classroom every year I have have always been involved in education in some way, I have always found something new to implement, something more to learn. It’s the learning that makes life worthwhile! :)

Jennifer Saldana September 14, 2014 - 5:53 pm

I love to use this quote from Dr. Suess. I actually also read the story Oh the Places You’ll Go at the end of the year to celebrate their completion of Kindergarten standards and successes. This reminds me of all the accomplishments the students have had and how many hurdles I have had to jump through to get them where they are by that time. You are so right about not ever having any class be at all the same as previous classes. Each student brings a unique character to the new bunch. I have even had many younger siblings and cousins from same families, and still they are not the same. In fact, those students seem to have the biggest difference when they are from the same family. I also love teaching and feel very blessed every year to have a job that I LOVE.
Jennifer Saldana

Vicki Davis September 14, 2014 - 6:24 pm

Oh Jennifer I love this! The thing about siblings is they are SO DIFFERENT!!!! Every child and every class is unique and we must adapt to their uniqueness! And yes, Dr. Seuss is awesome! Happy Sunday!

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