Extensity: The Essential Chrome Extension Everyone Needs

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Make Google Chrome faster with Extensity

Extensity is one extension to rule them all. It will turn on and off other Chrome extensions and keep your browser running lightning fast. It is so important that installing extensity is my #1  essential tip for Chromebooks. Try it. Please!

Every time I share this one at a conference, someone will thank me OUT LOUD spontaneously, like they can't help it. It is that awesome!

Google Chrome is fast. But after you start installing too many extensions, you will slow down. Speed up Google Chrome by only turning on the extensions you need. But when you do this manually, you have to turn your web browser on and off. No more.

The One Tip that Will Make Your Chromebook or Google Chrome Browser Faster

1. Install Extensity.

2. Only turn on the extensions you need for the current task. 

With this handy tool, you can turn on and off other extensions with one click. Let's see how.

Extensity Tutorial Video

Here's a 2-minute tip from my  YouTube Channel where I show you how this works.

If You Have Google Chromebooks

Extensity is the first extension I teach students and teachers to install. Then, teach them how to turn extensions on and off.

But why do you need to turn extensions on and off? Sometimes extensions will conflict with one another. Think of it like trying to eat ice cream and a peanut butter sandwich at the same time. You have only one mouth. Well, sometimes extensions, those handy things that add features to Chrome, are trying to use the same resource at the same time. For example, I've found that the Diigo extension will cause problems when editing my class wiki. By only turning on the extensions you need, you can prevent needless problems with conflicting extensions.

So, stay fast. Just turn on the extensions that you need, when you need them. Teach your students to do the same.

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