Flat Classroom Project 10-1 Award Videos: See What the Students Say!

While I”m fighting a nasty double ear infection, I've been confined to my bed in the evenings with my laptop confiscated by my dear husband – so am snagging 5 minutes before I get my hair cut to share with you the links to our really amazingly cool Flat Classroom ™ winning videos from our last project – as most of you know – we run this project now 3 times a year. (For more information – see our website http://www.flatclassroomproject.com – yes, I know it is a .com but no, we don't charge anything! Still as grassroots as ever.)

Julie Lindsay just sent this out – and I hear that the top three videos are just amazing.

Student and multimedia information
9.C.1 The Journey ,by Salvador A., WHS, USA
Title of video: The Journey

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Second Place

Student and multimedia information:
10.D.2 Virtual Communication by Yaroslav Loginov, Sotogrande International School, Spain
Title of video: Virtual Communication

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Third Place (Tie)

Student and multimedia information
11.F.2 Mu Ji H's Wireless Connectivity by Mu Ji Hwang, QA, Qatar
Title of video: Wireless Connectivity

…………… AND ……………

Student and multimedia information
4.A.1 The Internet is a Shelf by Kellie E, MCAHS, USA
Title of video: The Internet is a Shelf

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Project

Great work! We had over 70 videos for this last project! Lots and lots of work!

Congratulations to all students and teachers, and a big thank you to all advisors, judges, and supporters of the finishing Flat Classroom Project 10-1.
All details of the winning videos on the wiki at http://flatclassroom10-1.flatclassroomproject.org/Awards
To view the recording of the Awards, click the link below:
View the Elluminate Live! recording

All multimedia submitted for judging can be found on the Master Video List
We encourage you to watch, review and leave supportive comments for the students.

Thanks everyone for your support and hard work!

Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis
Flat Classroom Project ™

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