Edublog Awards 2007 –

The edublog awards are open. Nominate your favorites in the following categories.

And don't “assume” that “someone” will nominate your favorite. A lot of bloggers (like me) will not nominate their own blog for an award. (There is a story behind that for me, but no time to tell it now.)

Go here to nominate by November 21st! (There are a lot of educational blog awards out there that are basically ignored by edubloggers, however, this is one by edubloggers for edubloggers and for me, carries a lot of prestige. So please, participate.)

Here are the categories:

2007 Nomination categories:

1. Best individual blog

The best edublog maintained by an individual

2. Best group blog

The best edublog maintained by more than one person

3. Best new blog

The best new edublog (group or individual) of 2007

4. Best resource sharing blog

The best edublog of whose primary purpose is to share information, links and resources.

5. Best designed blog

The most beautiful edublog

6. Most influential blog post

The edublog post that has had the biggest impact (for better or worse!)

7. Best blogged research paper or project

The best research paper or project in any field that has been
committed to an edublog

8. Best teacher blog

The best blog kept by a teacher for or about teaching

9. Best higher-education student blog

The best blog kept by a student in higher education (16+)

10. Best librarian / library blog

The best edublog kept by, for or about a library or librarian.

11 .Best educational tech support blog

The best edublog for providing hints, tips and support for your tech needs.

12. Best elearning / corporate education blog

The best edublog kept by or written about education and training in a business context.

13. Best educational use of audio

The best use of the audio medium in any form.

14. Best educational use of video / visual

The best use of the visual medium in any form.

15. Best educational wiki

The best educational use of a wiki.

16. Best educational use of a social networking service

The best educational use of any social networking service.

17. Best educational use of a virtual world

The best educational use of any virtual world space.

18. Best educational use of open source

The best educational use of an open source platform.

19. Digizen’s 13-19 competition

For young people creating and sharing online resources around the theme of cyberbullying

20. Conveners award

A special award given to an edublog that particularly deserves to be of note.

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