Brian Page: The Imperative to Teach Financial Literacy

Every Classroom Matters episode 30

Brian Page @FinEdChat, a teacher from Ohio, is recognized nationally in the United States as a leading personal finance and economics teacher receiving a Milken National Educator award and being named a CNN/Money Magazine “Money Hero” among many other awards.  He understands how we can educate every child about financial literacy if people will just listen.

Brian Page

Who will want to listen to this show?

This is a must listen for curriculum directors, high school principals, and math, finance, and economics teachers in K12.  Other  people who care about the state of education today like parents, school board members, and community leaders who want to build a strong community of people who know how to manage their money will be interested as well.

The most important thing we discussed is what we need to do in the US to teach every student financial literacy, which is typically only taught to those who go to college.  I also thought the conversation about consumerism and deceptive marketing (even in today's standardized tests) is important.

Listen to Every Classroom Matters Episode 30: Brian Page

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Twitter: @FinEdChat

If you're a parent who wants to teach your child about financial literacy, read Brian's Blog post from last October about how he uses the Millionaire's Club game to teach his kids. There are ways to teach financial literacy in every classroom and in every home and Brian is my go-to guy to ask.

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One thought on “Brian Page: The Imperative to Teach Financial Literacy

  1. I am a teacher in California. About three years ago, I started teaching a class for seniors who needed their second year of math but finished only Algebra. This class has an outdated book and curriculum to go with it. I wanted the students in my class to learn something they could use after high school and in the future. I got the idea to make a project so they would get some information about how finance works. The project is simply this students research a job they might be interested in and then use that job to pay bills. The class has evolved over the years and I am ever changing parts of this project. but one thing still holds true, I have never had a student ask me, “when am I ever going to use this in real-life?” I think that challenging them in a positive way, where they learn something as essential as financial independence is very important! if you have any recommendations for projects let me know via this blog.

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