Tools You Can Use to Get Parents and Teachers on the Same Side

An Every Classroom Matters Episode

What if you can stop parent problems before they happen? Second grade teacher Erin Klein shares a 10-minute treasure trove of ideas that work! Parents are our partners. Let's do this!

Important Takeaways

  • How can we prevent “helicopter parenting?”
  • How can we be less defensive when parents ask questions?
  • How do you get parents to actually read what you send them?
  • How to help all parents, tutors, and IEP teams on the same page with current student work.

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  • Bloomz is your one-stop solution for parent-teacher communications. More than just connecting with their cell phones, you can send long or short messages. You can send pictures and links. You can even coordinate volunteer schedules, donations, and parent teacher conferences. I’m using Bloomz in my classroom.

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effective parent teacher communications

The more ways you teach, the more students you'll reach!

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3 thoughts on “Tools You Can Use to Get Parents and Teachers on the Same Side

  1. I love the idea of staying connected with the parents of our students. I do agree we need to reach parents where they are but it makes it so difficult to stay on top of ALL the ways! The idea of using bloomz sounds helpful. I think it would only really work if you had 100% buy-in from all the families though. I also worry about the how difficult it would be to have parents too involved. You then become the messenger of every detail; for example, the forgotten lunch, or after school plans. I also think it might become too helpful for parents to just ask you instead of figuring it out themselves. I am a firm believer that we want our children to grow up to be responsible adults, so there is a fine line as to the limits we need to place on parents getting into their child’s business. If the parents get too involved the child then depends on the parent to figure out what they should have taken care of. I like to let the student ask the questions and be responsible for themselves. Just some food for thought!

  2. I love the idea that parents are our partners! Getting parents involved will help get students more involved. Thanks for posting, love your blog!