Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/02/2012

  • Newspaper: Test security inconsistent among states

    This report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution demonstrates that many states have no security and no measures to detect irregularities. The ostriches are rewarded. Sadly, ignorance is not only bliss, it makes states money. Consistent test administration is required before anyone can look at the test scores with any measure of credibility. “The newspaper surveyed the 50 state education departments and found that many states do not use basic test security measures designed to prevent cheating. And nearly half the states, the newspaper found, make almost no attempt to screen test results for irregularities.”

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  • The 5 EdTech Trends Happening In India Right Now

    India is upgrading and evolving in its education system with an emphasis on how to learn instead of what to learn as well as social and game based learning. It is important to keep an eye on all areas of the world. The country that will succeed will be the one that can truly personalize learning. The country that invents that will export that model to others and bring in money by the fistful. Education is permanently evolving and those in silos will likely suffer the most.

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  • SkyDrive Adds Recycle Bin — THE Journal

    Microsoft Skydrive has a recycle bin. This is great because Dropbox literally saves copies of just about any file deleted. Last week one of my students accidentally deleted my “Turn In” folder and all of the files, I was able to go into Dropbox and restore everything with a click. Dropbox still far exceeds everything else for cloud syncing for this reason.

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  • To Promote or Not to Promote? (…and Is That The Question?):GlobalGiving’s Experiment With Facebook Promoted Posts

    Beth Kanter, the nonprofit social media guru, discusses research about promoted posts on Facebook and nonprofits. Targeted, timely posts can represent as much as a $600 per post uptick, however, general promoted posts don't make a difference. Interesting research. If you are in charge of fundraising at your nonprofit or school, you should follow Beth's Blog and should buy her book, the Networked Nonprofit.

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  • A Disruption Grows Up?

    Stephen Downes reports on the first competency based degree. If one takes the tests, one can earn an associates degree. Of course, this begs one to require authentication of who a person really is that is taking the test. Just ask the college board – they still struggle with making sure the right people are taking the test and they give it face to face.

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