Urgent call for contributing to the Wired Wiki Article

I know we’re all busy with the holiday weekend, but if you’re online and if your using wikis, please go over to the Wired News story that they are creating about Wired Wikis. Ask others on your blog to do so as well! (For people who need the printed url it is https://www.socialtext.net/wired/index.cgi?wired_wiki#edit_the_story.)

It is an experiment in collaborative journalism and I believe this is the future!

If you register, you’ll be listed as a contributor. Remember your ethics, don’t use this as self promotion but fact.

In fact, this is why I’m asking you. At the request of the reporter, I have contributed a couple of paragraphs about education. I think it needs a lot more fleshing out and a lot more than me. I’d love to see several great examples of wiki education added and less of me!

This is about promoting classroom engagement and helping students learn! Join in the cause and go over to post right now! At least post comments if you are nervous about editing the main article! (I was!)

The article will be published soon so join in the future of journalism — go over there and collaborate.

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