The Meme that kept me in the rankings

It has been an unbelievable two weeks for me… a great Disney cruise with too little sleep, coming back to WAY too much work, a broken air conditioner with 21 computers, the biggest heatwave to ever hit south Georgia (literally 105 for 5 days straight now!) and my oldest child breaking his arm in an accident. It has been something.

Meanwhile, although there wasn't much to write about here, Kevin Sandridge, Jeri Hurd,


Eight Random Things About Me
I seem to recall doing something like this before but cannot find it, so here it goes:

1 – I was the Georgia Peanut Princess as a teenager and ran all over a float in the middle of a parade at the National Peanut Festival being chased by a wasp.

2 – I am a clutz (if you couldn't tell from the previous random thought), my most famous spills are when I knocked myself out with a freezer door and as a child I played supergirl over a barbed wire fence. When I jumped off the brick pile, the bricks flew out from under my feet and I landed on the barbed wire fence–and have scars across my tender belly to prove it. (And no, I do not drink at all.)

3 – I am 100% a farm girl and spent my summer breaks in college hauling peanut and corn wagons. As the oldest of three girls, I was worked like a boy and am not afraid of getting dirty.

4 – I hate shoes. I wish I could go barefooted all of the time.

5 – I love to read and am usually reading three books at a time — a non fiction, a fiction (usually blow them up adventure book) and a self-improvement book working on whereever my (biggest) weakness is at the moment.

6 – I love movies of all kids — especially action movies and classic movies.

7 – I have been consistently writing in my journal since I was eight.

8 – I love to cross stitch, crochet, make jelly, cook, write, FISH and am usually willing to try almost anything legal (except alcohol) once. I like to be unpredictable and do not like being bored.

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