Easy Assessment App (I’m giving away 4 copies) made by @mrrobbo #mlearning

 The Easy Assessment App was created by Jarrod Robinson, “Mr. Robbo the PE Geek” a self proclaimed “mobile fanatic” and creator of one of my favorite Youtube Channels for teachers. (See his blog post on this app.)

Demo of Easy Assessment

He's designed this for teacher and coaches to do a quick assessment on the spot. It is $1.99 in the iTunes store but I have 4 copies

How to be selected to receive a free copy
I'm giving away these codes to four lucky people (and am going to ask Jarrod to help me.) I'll pick the winners on Friday. All you have to do is to leave a comment or tweet a link to this post about mobile assessment and your tips and ideas for how you do it or why you think it is important. (Just link back to this post so I can find you.)

Because Jarrod is a helpful person (see below) I'd like to give these 4 promo codes to people who are helpful just like him. So, help people understand mobile assessment through the medium of your choice. Thank you for sharing.

A note about this post
I love my “friends.” The people who help out when there is nothing in it “for them.” If you blog for a while you'll start getting press releases from companies saying things like:

“I'm now a big fan of your blog.” or
“I just started following your blog and am a fan.” or
“I am so impressed with you and respect your blog”

And I think to myself,

“Yeah right. You just want me to write about your product. You don't care about me. IN fact, you hired a PR firm and don't even have a real person who is using your product talking to me about your product. I'm a real person and I work with real people.”

But when someone I know who loves kids and has always been there for me does something, I know it and want to share it.

Jarrod Robinson, “Mr. Robbo the PE Geek” not only has a great blog, but way back when I was learning about QR codes for ISTE a few years back, I came across his skeleton QR code project (one every PE teacher should check out) and contacted him. I saw what QR codes were but didn't really understand how to explain them. He recorded a quick video for me (complete with kangaroos jumping in the background) for me to show in my cell phone workshop at ISTE.

QR Code Skeleton Project

Then, a few months back, our fifth graders were trying to skype with Govinda Panthy in Nepal and the rain was causing connectivity problems in Nepal. So, all of the students had come in at 7:30 am in the morning to Skype– ALL OF THEM. (And it was optional.) So, I didn't want them to be disappointed and put out a call on Twitter. Jarrod had just finished watching a sporting event on TV and the family was in bed but he took the time to Skype with the kids and talk about Australia.

That is the kind of person Jarrod is. When you're this kind of person, like Jarrod, the world is your oyster because normal, average educators who now make up the powerful edu-social web will figure out who you are and be a fan and follower.

I don't know about you, but I like real teachers who “get it.” There is something different about people who love children – even if they aren't teaching any more. You can feel it.  So, he let me know that he has created an easy assessment app. Above is the review. I didn't want my story to eclipse what he's doing.

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