Slidecasting on Slideshare

There is a cool new way to add audio to your slideshare. This slidecast shows you how.

1 – Create a slideshow (remember if you have the new version of office, save it as the older version of PowerPoint.)
2- Upload to
3- Upload your mp3 file anywhere you have the license to — it can be,, or even your ning.
4- Go in and click edit slide show.
5_ You can then link to the mp3file and then synchronize the show (as they show in the video.)

So cool. Yes, there are multiple steps, but after it is done, this is a great artifact to embed on a wiki or even your school website to demonstrate the work of students. It would be EXCELLENT to have students or teachers submit their work via slideshare as their end of year portfolio. WOW!

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4 thoughts on “Slidecasting on Slideshare

  1. Have you tried Photo Story 3 (which can be downloaded free from Microsoft)? This allows you to produce slide shows with music, titles, voice over and lots more.

    At the end you have a wmv. file which you can post on your site.

  2. Yes, we love photostory 3. I think the thing I like about slidecasting is that you still retain the ability to flip through the slides even if it is slidecasted. That is cool — it becomes more of a nonlinear experience ifyou choose.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I plan on doing a slidecast with my 7th grade students and was just about to search for how to add synchronized audio. You just saved me a lot of time. Cheers!

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