Leave the Excuses: Present at NECC Virtually, due October 3rd

NO excuse not to present at NECC. NECC has several ways you can present this year in San Antonio — see the following:

Session—one hour long unless otherwise specified; meeting room has a formal presentation station and a seated audience. There are 13 one-hour session time slots during the three-day conference with multiple sessions occurring concurrently.
Lecture—one or more presenters, each of whom address the audience independently. Content should be of high interest and widely applicable to the broader NECC audience. Content should educate, inspire, challenge, and/or provide specific implementation ideas. The focus should be on evaluation and synthesis rather than the history/details of a specific project or initiative.
Panel—main presenter serves as moderator for his/her co-presenter panelists. Content should lend itself to a variety of perspectives with the moderator focused on creating a cohesive presentation.
Model Lesson (in a Model Classroom)—requires 2 presenters. First teaches an actual lesson to 20 attendees playing role of students. Second acts as emcee, simultaneously explaining the lesson and the classroom management/instructional strategies being implemented to the remainder of attendees observing. Content should demonstrate taking advantage of technology and the latest learning theories such as project-based learning and differentiated instruction.
BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop)—hands-on exploration of software or resources via participants' own laptops. Plan for an interactive, hands-on environment similar to workshops and a reasonable amount of content to cover in the one-hour time frame. (Note: Not suitable for sessions requiring specialized software that isn't widely available or can't be downloaded from the Internet.)
Open Source Lab—teach, show, or demonstrate open source software in an environment of thin client, Linux-based machines for individual exploration and practice.
IVC Showcase—30-minute presentations by interactive videoconferencing (IVC) leaders and innovators showcasing their programming content and classroom initiatives via videoconferencing from their home locations.

IVC showcase means that any of you reading this post can present. So, throw your excuse or pity parties away and submit a proposal right now. They are due October 3!

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7 thoughts on “Leave the Excuses: Present at NECC Virtually, due October 3rd

  1. Vicki,

    I like your post. The resources are good. However, the cost is why many public school teacher cannot attend NECC. I was unable present last year, because of the cost involved. How realistic is NECC for K-12 subject area teachers?


  2. Thank you Vicki. I have been invited to virutally present at other conference and yet the conference registration fee is usually hundreds of dollars at the personal expense of the teacher. Thus, I wonder…are virtual presentations a quick way for conferences to make extra money? How does such high conference costs such as NECC benefit K-12 teachers?

  3. Mechelle-
    If you look at the virtual presentation — you may not be able to be there but you may at least present via video.

    I think more teachers need to attend, however, if they cannot attend — presenting is the next best thing — it makes sure that great teachers like yourself can present.

    You can also sign up to present a workshop — that actually carries (a small) stipend.

  4. Mechelle,

    I look at it from this perspective — teachers need a voice. They are vastly unrepresented at NECC and at most conferences thus perpetuating our upside down bureaucratic system.

    But like it or not, the thought leaders and decision makers for educational technology attend these conferences and people such as you need to be heard. You are innovating and doing great things with technology to help special needs and you should be heard.

    And it benefits teachers when teachers such as us speak out so that we can have realism reflected in these conferences. I say more power to the teachers and it is only by calling attention to the things important to teachers that we are heard.

    So, although you may not be able to attend, you benefit teachers by giving your voice. Teachers must speak out. Also, this is a first step towards a perhaps more cost affordable virtual attendance program for teachers which would be very beneficial.

    Having been — the sessions are incredible — we just need more teachers represented and we also need a way to allow teachers to listen and participate more than just streaming in our our laptops and listening in.

    What do you think, Mechelle? I think your opinion is important on this one and would love another perspective on these thoughts.

  5. Vicki,

    Not many “education” conferences are not geared for teachers. But the more I learn about education that is neither here nor there.


  6. Hi Vicki,

    I’ve been thinking about this more. I think you make a great point when you wrote, “we just need more teachers represented and we also need a way to allow teachers to listen and participate more than just streaming in our our laptops and listening in.”

    There are so many pressing issues. Public education is a very broken system…especially for children who live in poverty and/or have special needs. Honestly, I wish Michael Moore would do a documentary on special education. I think it would really open up a lot of people’s eyes to the disparages in public education.

    Good luck with your endeavors.


  7. A very good reason not to is I can’t take the pressure of being surrounded with all you brilliant people! I’ll never live up and am totally outclassed – if i can afford to attend at all, i would much rather attend your session. Any sessions on “How to backchannel”?

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