Never Give Up Hope: Video from the Wild to Prove It

When I came across Karyn Romeis' Funday Monday post, I was expecting a laugh. Instead, I am literally in tears. I have never seen anything like this in my life! It is one of the most shocking and awe inspiring videos I've ever seen. (I have a feeling I'm the only one who hasn't seen it.)

Warning: I do not think this video is suitable for children because it is animals in the wild.

I cried because this is what I see in this video. I see students being torn up and fought over by the dangerous forces in the world and their parents and schools initially sitting back. I see researchers and the world going “OH, that one is gone.”

Then, I see a determined mass of people coming back to reclaim the students from the lions and crocodiles. Surely, the student will never be “completely whole” again, however, the student can be restored to their family and their school.

If you're considering giving up on that one student who is having problems. …the lions have got them and you think they are unsavable. This video is your message to not give up. (And I have a student in mind right now.)

I will not allow this student to be lost but rather, will work with my administrators and do what it takes to get people on board to help this student. In numbers and in agreement, we do have the power to fight back. Can they all be saved, certainly not.

Can some be saved.. YES!

But I can guarantee this… every student you GIVE UP ON is gone! Permanently. You can be assured of that.

Thank you Karyn… you've turned Funday Monday into Motivational Monday for me. I needed that video.

Fight on teachers… I am awe inspired by the nobility of your task (and mine!)

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8 thoughts on “Never Give Up Hope: Video from the Wild to Prove It

  1. I do not think this video is suitable for children because it is animals in the wild.

    What do you feel we would be protecting children from by not showing it to them? My wife and I watched it with our son. He found it fascinating.

  2. Perhaps I should paraphrase “SMALL children” — I just think it should be previewed before showing it to an audience. Young children would be disturbed by this post — my 11 and 13 year old would love it — my 6 year old — I wouldn’t dream of showing it to him. However, it is every parent’s decision.

  3. gnuosphere-
    I think that he’s too young and the video is too graphic. Call it parental choice. I know him and he would be very afraid. A few years and it would be OK, however, now, I would never show him that video. We all have different parenting styles and all of our children are different, I believe it is a parent’s right to determine if such a film is appropriate and celebrate your right to show the film to your child as I do my right to wait until he’s older.

    Obviously, I think it is OK to show or I wouldn’t have shared it on my blog.

  4. Vikki-
    What an awesome video! I agree with you on several points, especially that no one is unsavable. But I think you have to remember that at some point the student has to want to be saved or restored. The herd came and rescued the buffalo calf, but ultimately the calf had to decide to get up and rejoin the herd. Injured as it was, it would have been very easy for the calf to give up. I teach incarcerated juveniles in Maine, and most of my students have been written off as lost on more than one occasion. I try to believe that any of my students can change if they really want to. We have a whole herd of teachers, social workers, counselors, etc. that are there to help these kids. Sometimes a kid will get up and rejoin the herd. A lot of times they don’t. But you are right, we have to be ready to help when the call comes. You really can’t save them all, but it sure is cool when you do help one or two.

  5. Perhaps this video should be required viewing for any parent/teacher group asking itself that age-old question, “What can we do?” There is strength in numbers!

  6. Vicki,
    I completely agree with you about the video. When I saw it the first time, I saw many of the same things you did. I also saw if from another perspective.
    When you feel like you are being torn apart, always remember that you have people all around you ready to come to your aid if you will only call out to them.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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