Dick & Rick Hoyt – This Father Son Pair is Inspirational

This amazing story really moves me as we think about Father's Day. I'm so fortunate to have an amazing husband who is unselfish and helps his family be so much more. As I watched this other video profiling the pair and listened to the e-mail message sent to Dick Hoyt, I was moved to tears how sometimes when we have struggles and share them, we can inspire and affect people more than we know or understand.

I'm so busy right now – haven't had much time to blog, but this sort of video reminds me about what is important.

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3 thoughts on “Dick & Rick Hoyt – This Father Son Pair is Inspirational

  1. Yet, in spite of all that they have achieved, we are told that this pair has been refused entry into the London marathon on the grounds of health and safety. I can’t see how they can be turned away when (a) there is a whole wheelchair section of the race and (b) people complete the race dressed in all sorts of outlandish outfits which must pose some kind of threat, including one guy who took 6 days to complete it in a deep sea diving suit!

    But let’s get back to they Hoyts. Both of these men are a shining example to us all!

  2. I’ve watched the Hoyts run the Boston Marathon almost every year since my grad school days back in the early 90s. And each time I see them I can’t help but get emotional. They truly are a magnificent pair. Whenever I’m too tired to exercise or want to stop halfway through, I think of Mr. Hoyt’s triathlon days with Rick and trudge on. What this pair has accomplished is beyond amazing. Thanks for sharing the video.

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