Live School 2.0 Show Tuesday, Jan 23 at 9 pm EST with Will Richardson, Steve Hargadon, Chris Lehman – WOW!

Exciting discussion of School 2.0 and the tentative edubloggercon ( a place where bloggers get together) prior to NECC this summer.

This Tuesday night at 9 pm EST, go to and listen to channel 1 and you can hear the WOW2 ladies (Sharon Peters, Jennifer Wagner, Cheryl Oakes and myself) talk with Steve Hargadon, Will Richardson, and Chris Lehman (if he's recovered from the flu.)

This “star studded” cast will talk to us about the following:

  • What does School 2.0 look like? How will classrooms, teachers, and assessments change?
  • Tentative plans for the edubloggercon in June and how YOU can get involved.

As always, you can go in the edtechtalk chat room and ASK questions of our guests and the WOW2 ladies. (You can hear past shows over at or at

I have found that each show is better than the last and that the diverse background of those in our chatroom (public, private, men, women, various countries) makes it the birthing ground for some really phenomenal discussions and activities.

Those who participate are as much a part of the show as those moderating. And we welcome beginners! Last week there was a person named Newbie2 — I loved it! Because I'm a Newbie too and I know what it feels like every day as I sit back in awe of this new classroom that has been created by free tools! WOW!

The weekly WOW2 show has changed my life and inspired me as the guests teach me so much about the dynamics of our society and education. Every show I learn something new and practical for my classroom but especially like the fact that I come away feeling that I am not alone. (Remember that you can listen later via our podcast!)

We have been blessed with amazing guests. Here is the schedule for the upcoming shows: (All of them are at 9 pm EST on Tuesdays).

January 23 – Will Richardson, Steve Hargadon, Chris Lehman
January 30 – –The TechPodzone guys – Podcasting Experts


February 6 2.15 — Mike Lawrence * Mark Wagner (From CUE)
February 13 2.16 Prerecord with Terry Freedman about Coming of Age – (We won't be live but Terry can't guest otherwise as our show comes on at 2 a.m. his time!)
February 20 2.17 – Julie Lindsey, Dhaka Bangladesh (My Co teacher with flat classroom project)

Please give us suggestions for guests you'd like to see (just comment here.) We've also planned to pull in some of our superstars for future shows!

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2 thoughts on “Live School 2.0 Show Tuesday, Jan 23 at 9 pm EST with Will Richardson, Steve Hargadon, Chris Lehman – WOW!

  1. Now this is something I’d love to take part in, alas it’s at 4am local time so not really an option. We all need our beauty sleep, lol.

    Is there any place where I could listen to a recording of this?

  2. Craig –
    I know the time zone thing is an issue for you in Greece and I wish that we didn’t all have to feed our families supper so we could have it earlier!

    We record and you can go to to listen, it is usually posted a day or two after. Also, if you have a question you’re dying to ask, post it here and I’ll ask it on your behalf. I’d love to do it!

    Get that beauty sleep! Wouldn’t want any more riots in Greece, huh? 😉

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