K12 Keynote: How to Open and Play an MP4 file.

OK. It has taken me two days to download and to get my computer to open David Warlick's Keynote for the Online K12 Conference. I have almost given up, but finally figured it out!

Windows Media Player nor Real player nor QuickTime will view MP4 files without a codec installed. A Codec is like a translation service.

So, here is how you do that. (It took me 30 minutes to figure it out.)

1 – Go to http://www.free-codecs.net/FFDShow_download.htm
2 – Download the FFDShow program and go with the defaults. (Unless you have a video editor and know what you're doing.)
3 – Extract and Install the program which will install the codec.
4 – Open your preferred video player and then Go to File –> Open and Open up David's Movie that you have already downloaded onto your computer!

This should do it! I will also say that I had to try to download the presentation at least three times, but it just downloaded lickety split for me a moment a go.

I hope you enjoy it and I'm about to grade and listen to Dave!

I'm sure there is an easier way to do this and if you have it, let me know. I have to work at it!

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8 thoughts on “K12 Keynote: How to Open and Play an MP4 file.

  1. plays fine on a Mac … but we mac users sometimes have trouble playing imbedded media files from websites too where the assumptoin is you have a pc (and associated software versions).
    Swings and roundabouts I suppose

  2. It will play fine in QuickTime 7 on XP. The other really easy option is to drag it into iTunes. Both of these wil give you access to all David has to say! (And trust him to set the bar so high with the first keynote!)

  3. I too initially experienced problems. But i quickly surfed to find a free download to play it. But later one of my more techy friends informed me that if I’d just click on the link and allow it to load fully, it would play in IE. Being the PC kind of girl I am, my problem was that i wanted instant gratification. So the downloaded viewer allowed me to watch almost as soon as it was posted, BUT when my friend gave me his pearl of wisdom, I did find that if i’d have patiently wait, it would eventually play in IE just like he said.

  4. Actually, I found out I had Quicktime 6.5. Although I went to update Quicktime, it only patches the 6.5 version, IT DOES NOT UPGRADE to Version 7. You have to go out and download it.

    I’m now wondering about my file. I produced it as a wmv. Perhaps I need to have alternative formats!

  5. I like Media Player Classic – also from Free-Codecs.com – and then installing the “K-lite Mega Codec” pack – which means that you can play just about every format under the sun in the same player. Which makes life easier – rather like the Videolan that someone else mentioned.

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