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The K12 conference is just a little over a week away but the preconference keynote was delivered today.

For those of you who don't know about this amazing opportunity, many of our Web 2.0 leaders have organized the first ever online K12 conference. I am going to be presenter in the Week in the Classroom area (Monday, October 23) and produced a 28 minute educational video with show notes about how I wiki in the classroom. Here are some dates and times to be aware of.

1) Graduate School Credit

If you want to participate in the online K12 conference for graduate school credit, you need to line it up now! Three graduate school credits are being issued for your participation! What a great opportunity! Sign up now!

2) Get ready to listen

David Warlick, the man who got me started in a “new life,” delivered a fireside chat tonight via Elluminate with the very energetic Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach moderating! (Whew is she an amazing dynamo!) He also posted an amazing keynote that you should listen to (just download it if you have broadband, it is 85 mb)

These will be hosted at Elluminate so, before you get ready to listen, go ahead and download the Elluminate Software at http://tinyurl.com/rpt4a

I will participate with the other Week 1 presenters on October 26th at 7 pm EST. I don't know how much talking I'll have to do with the other amazing folks that are presenting! (I really just like to sit there and soak in the joy of being around other people in the same boat.)

3) Get Ready to Learn

This is a great opportunity to learn. The agenda has been posted. Remember, that for the items except for the live events, you can download and watch/listen while you're doing other things. (Like grading papers!)

4) Come on and Wiki With Vicki

I'm so excited about my part of this, I'm going to give you a little “heads up.” We're going to have a live wiki option for my presentation. I will release the URL next Monday and you can sign up on Monday and Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, registration will close and I will pair you up by subject area to wiki (according to the wiki guidelines I use in my classroom) on a topic that hopefully most of you KNOW NOTHING about with 4 other teachers from around the world! Then, next Thursday through the following Sunday, October 29th, you will take time to post.

I want to demonstrate to you how rapidly you (and your students) can become an expert on a completely new topic! It will be fun and I'm asking that each participant only wiki in 2 – 10 minute sessions — no more! That is the format I use in my class and I want to show you that wiki-ing doesn't have to take long.

I will be using the model that I have in my wiki classroom and will have some “volunteers” helping you and answering your questions.

Skypecast, Monday, October 30th at 8 PM EST
Then, on Monday, October 30th at 8 pm EST, I and the judges who are available will do a live skypecast to summarize the project and discuss the potential uses of wikis in education. Jennifer will also have an amazing announcement about how teachers will be able to find other classrooms to “wiki with” in the future.


I'm most excited about our judges! I'M PSYCHED! We will judge the wikis and announce several “best wiki of conference” awards. Our judges are Stewart Mader, Jennifer Wagner, and Andrea Forte. Let me tell you a little about them.

Stewart Mader –
Stewart Mader is Senior Instructional Technologist for Life Sciences and the Brown Medical School at Brown University. He publishes the blog Using Wiki in Education, which focuses on using the wiki for collaborative curriculum development and group learning, and includes interviews with wiki makers and users, example wiki uses, and product reviews. On October 24th, he is publishinga wiki-based book titled Using Wiki in Education. It's a collection of case studies from teachers using the wiki in a variety of settings, from high school to small liberal arts college, major research university and fully online/distance learning. The book will be available online at wikiineducation.com.

He has taught science both in the classroom and online, specializes in using social software and wiki technology in education, and works with faculty to apply technology and assess its impact on student learning. He previously served as Educational Technologist at Emerson College, Instructional Designer and Interim Director of the Faculty Center for Learning Development at University of Hartford, and has collaborated with faculty at Long Island University on a series of teaching and learning projects. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry from University of Hartford, and is pursuing an M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology from the University at Albany.

Jennifer Wagner
In 1999, Jennifer was looking for an interesting way to collect data for a science fair project and posted her question to the EdTech newsgroup board, and the O.R.E.O. Online Project was born. The O.R.E.O. Project is now in its eighth year and TechnoSpud.com hosts seven online projects during each year. She recently was the USA winner for the Global SchoolNet Foundation Teacher Award in 2006 and also was a finalist for 2002, 2003, 2003, & 2004 for her online projects and effective uses in teacher telecollaboration.. In addtion to this, she also has been awarded the Inspired Teacher Scholarship — Inspiration Software 2005, 2006 Time Warner Cable National Teacher Awards Finalist, Surfaquarium Award, & SIGTel Online Learning Award 2006 3rd PlaceI Her TechnoSpud website also has a monthly newsletter with Great Links, Software Reviews, and a 30-Minute Technology Tip for teachers to print out and use immediately in their classroom or lab.

Jennifer graduated from Pacific Christian College in 1992. Though self-taught in many software programs, Jennifer continues to take any technology course she has time for. Jennifer was a tutor on AOL for several years, AACTchJen, in the Homework Help Area. She also teaches online at LVS Online in all Office programs. However, one of her favorite activities is traveling the US providing enthusiastic seminars and leaving teachers excited with ideas on how to use their computers immediately in their classrooms. She just published her first book, 35 Tech Tips for Teachers which is available at www.lulu.com/techospud and is proud to be a founding member of the Women of Web 2.0, an online presence for educators using the tools of Web 2.0.

Websites: Technospud.com, TechnospudProjects.com, Online Projects4Teachers.com

Women of Web 2.0

Blog: http://www.onlineprojects4teachers.com/wordpress/

Andrea Forte –

Andrea Forte is Ph.D. candidate specializing in human-centered computing
at Georgia Tech's College of Computing. Her current research focuses on
written communities of discourse and social contexts for learning through
writing. With support from the National Science Foundation, she is
working with Amy Bruckman to develop new wiki tools for classrooms and
investigate notions of audience and identity as she explores how students'
writing practices are transformed as they interact in online spaces.
Andrea holds an MLIS from the Graduate School of Library and Information
Science (now School of Information) at University of Texas at Austin and a
BA in foreign language and literature with a minor in philosophy from
Western Michigan University.

The Active Wiki Project
So, you get an opportunity to experience a true wiki learning process with amazing researchers, writers, and international educational project managers giving you feedback. I don't know of any paying conference that gives you that! (This one is FREE!)

It doesn't stop there!
The Web 2.0 pie is so big and there are so many of you out there doing groundbreaking things. There are so many other amazing presenters that are doing things at this conference. I was going to post a list of my must listens, but I want to listen to them all!

This is an amazing opportunity!

Lots of good intentions out there to take part.

Well, right now if you're really an advocate of Web 2.0 in the classroom, stand up and tell everyone about this conference!

If they hear it from someone else, then you have more credibility! Email the hyperlink to the conference, have teachers in at lunch to hear some highlights. Download it and put it on a professional development folder on your server (to save bandwidth!) Require each teacher to pick one or two conferences and then report back to the other faculty.

It is time to put your actions where your blog is folks, and birth some newbies here! Get out there blog, print out, e-mail, and talk it up. The time is now.

Do not quit! My Dad always says “if everyone says its a great idea, you're too late.”

You're right on time. K12onlineconference.org

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