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Google Presentations LIVE!

by Vicki Davis

As soon as it hit twitter today that Google Presentations went live, folks started talking.

On a whim, I threw together a little slide presentation about Google presentations and twittered for others to come in so we could test it.

Oh my goodness! It was amazing. Although I had to frequently physically leave my desk, I left my userid in the presentation to capture what was happening.

The amazing part is the collaborative ability, as Cybernet News says, the editing and features aren't all there. However, I think that they haven't tested the collaborative ability!

Although it may seem like I'm competing for longest blog post in the world, I'm going to let the participants of this presentation tell you in their own words and below is the chat transcript as of 3:23 — just a scant 3 hours after the presentation went live — right now there are a growing number of editors — 6 right now and edits number over 300!

You can view the presentation here — but you'll need to e-mail me to get an invite to edit it. The presentation was built by people on at least 5 continents (and counting). Within 3 hours! Approaching 400 edits.

Note: I had to delete the chat transcript because it was too long and took down my feed.

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