FREE CLASS: 8 Steps to Global Collaboration in Every Classroom

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 7pm EDT

I’m continuing the Education Technology Series that I’ve been running this fall. Tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 6 at 7pm, EDT I’ll host 8 Steps to Global Collaboration in Every Classroom.

8 Steps Global Collaboration WORKBOOK

In this 1-hour and 15-minute class I’ll share:

  • 5 reasons most teachers fail to consistently bring global collaboration into their classroom
  • How to connect and build projects that transform learning and thinking.
  • The top 4 reasons to connect your students globally.
  • The 8 simple steps to creating and continuing engaging global collaborative experiences for your classroom.

Register now

You’ll receive a workbook for notetaking once you register and some free materials if you attend the class.

If you cannot attend, you can pre-order this class at the Cool Cat Teacher Store. You’ll get the workbook, PDF copies of the slides, and a link to download the video.

8 Steps Global Collaboration


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